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Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War with Iran




” Globalist kingpin, renowned war criminal and Rockefeller co-conspirator Henry Kissinger is talking up a nuclear conflagration.

Speaking at the one-worlder confab held in Davos, Switzerland, Kissinger said a crisis involving a nuclear Iran in the “foreseeable future” will lead to a nuclear war and “a turning point in human history,” the BBC reports.

“There has emerged in the region, the current and most urgent issue of nuclear proliferation. For 15 years, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council have declared that a nuclear Iran is unacceptable, but it has been approaching,” Kissinger said.”

BBC Cuts Fawlty ‘Racist’ Script In Germans Episode For Prime Time



The Beeb Carves Up A Classic … Forty Years Later


” In what all real Anglophiles would call an act of barbarity, the classic Fawlty Towers episode The Germans has had scenes cut for “racist” language. This is the same network that tolerated Jimmy Saville groping kids on air for 30 years.



Sydney Morning Herald:

And yet in an act which many will see as political correctness gone mad, if not actual cultural vandalism, the venerable BBC has censored a scene in which racist language is used.In the scene, a hotel regular, the elderly Major Gowen (Ballard Berkeley), relates a conversation in which he corrected someone for using a particular racist slur, by suggesting they use another, equally racist, slur.



The Offending Scene :





” The very mild racist slurs on Fawlty Towers, in fact, were common usage in those days. They were also quite mild compared to Alf Garnett and others. Modern PC, which includes invaluable forms of English expressions to avoid offending terrorists, paedophiles and insane financiers apparently couldn’t stomach real language usage.

The Germans was and still is one of the most popular of all the Fawlty Towers episodes, and the third search on YouTube when you enter “Fawlty”. Cleese is at his absolute best here. This is the Fawlty Towers meets Monty Python mode, with excellent script work and very sharp, second by second dialogue that nobody can match today.”


And Here Is The Final Scene That Just Happens To Be One Of The Funniest Episodes Of The Funniest TV Show Ever Made …


Not Exactly The Most Important News Of The Day But We Cannot Pass Up Any Opportunity To Watch Or Post About Our All-Time Favorite Television Show . Start Your Day With A Laugh . We Did .



The Catcher, Caught: Incredible Moment Angler’s ARM Is Swallowed By A Fish He Tried To Grab By Hand



” This is the terrifying moment a fisherman was almost wrestled into the sea by a gigantic fish.

The mystery man was dangling his arm over the edge of a jetty, believed to be somewhere in Florida, as he tempted the fish with a morsel of bait.

Then, much to the horror of screaming onlookers, the monster leaps from the water and latches on to his arm, seemingly trying to drag him back to the water. “


Fishing No Rod