Update: Officer Charged In Death Of Elderly Veteran







” A Park Forest, Illinois police officer has been charged in the death of 95-year-old John Wrana, a WWII veteran who was killed in a dispute over medical treatment. Officer Craig Taylor appeared before a judge and faces one charge of reckless conduct, a Class 4 felony. He was freed on his own recognizance.

  As reported last August, police were called to the Victory Centre Senior Living Facility because Wrana was refusing medical care and had reportedly become aggressive in his refusal. According to the police, Wrana was “combative” and went so far as to shake his cane at the staff, as well as a knife. Police also claimed he had brandished a shoehorn that was first mistaken for a machete.

  There were several police officers at the scene, and they used a riot shield to force entry into Wrana’s room. After an attempt to Taser Wrana had failed, Taylor allegedly fired five bean bag rounds at him while he was sitting in a chair.”



     Another example of the culture of violence bred into today’s law enforcement officers … numerous fit , highly trained police could not manage to contain a single 95 year-old man who needed a walker to get around without resorting to deadly force … and before you go and say “but bean bag rounds are not deadly force” think about that . Five rounds from close range at a seated centenarian has got to be considered excessive in our minds . 



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