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TX SWAT Team Beats, Deafens Nude Man In His Own Home, Lies About Arrest; Judge Declines To Punish Cops Or DA






” A well-meaning friend of Chad Chadwick called the Missouri City, TX police to say that he was afraid that Chadwick was having emotional difficulties; the cops lied to a judge to say that they had reason to believe Chadwick was heavily armed, then they sent a SWAT-team to his house (where he was asleep in the tub), beat 11 kinds of shit out of him, gave him permanent hearing loss, held him in solitary confinement, fraudulently accused him of resisting arrest, and tried to have him imprisoned — he was acquitted, but a judge wouldn’t punish the cops or the DA, because “There is no freestanding constitutional right to be free from malicious prosecution.”

  Chadwick was bankrupted by the process of defending himself against the multiple felonies that the DA and the police manufactured to justify the violence. The jury offered him “comforting hugs” when they acquitted him of all charges. The DA involved is Ft. Bend County District Attorney John Heal, the police were from Missouri City, Sugar Land, Stafford and the Ft. Bend County Sheriff’s Department, the judge was Gray H Miller. “


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Baby Mamas In Tag-Team Taser Assault Of Daddy






” A South Carolina man was pummeled and tased yesterday afternoon by his “baby’s mama” and his “other baby’s mama,” who teamed up to ambush and assault the father of their children since he “has a new girlfriend,” cops report.

  According to a Spartanburg Police Department report, Rodrick Tucker, 21, told officers that Tabitha Martin, 23, invited him to her apartment Tuesday. Tucker, who described Martin as his “baby’s mama,” added that when he arrived at the residence, Martin invited him into the bedroom.

  Tucker told police that “once he was lying on the bed” in Martin’s apartment, Courtney Littlejohn–his “other baby’s mama”–entered the bedroom. Tucker, who was likely expecting an afternoon delight, quickly became the target of a tag-team attack.

  The women, Tucker told police, yanked him off the bed and began “repeatedly punching him in the face and head.” After escaping the bedroom, Tucker said he was “again knocked to the floor.” He added that Littlejohn, 23, “sat on top of him, not allowing him to get up.”

  Tucker said that “both females began to tase him several times with a stun-gun.” After again freeing himself from the pair’s clutches, Tucker said that he “picked up his baby, thinking the ladies would stop attacking him” while he was holding the small human shield. “


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Lawsuit: Instead Of Calling Paramedics, Officers Punch And Shoot Man With Tasers


” Yet another case of police tasering a deaf person who did not respond to verbal communication has emerged this week. However, this time the man in question was also in the midst of a diabetic episode.

  A man having a life threatening diabetic episode was beaten and electrified by cops before receiving medical attention.

  Robert Kim is suing two police officers in federal court after an incident in St. Louis, when he was caught in need of assistance at the road side, after getting a flat tire.

  Kim has type one diabetes, and during the wait he slipped into a severe hypoglycemic state.

  No matter for officers from Bridgeton, who arrived on the scene and broke out their tasers, according to the lawsuit.

  The documents state that officer Leah Hall immediately understood that Kim was deaf, and was informed that he was having a diabetic attack. Instead of calling paramedics, the officer called for police back up.”



   This case is remarkably similar to one we brought to your attention just last week in which Hawthorne , California cops tased a deaf man ,  Jonathan Meister , as he tried to sign the officers that he was deaf . The only violence in this country that is on the rise is that of the police against the citizenry . SHAME 



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84 Year-Old Man Left Beaten And Bloodied By NYPD For Jaywalking


84year old beaten by police





” 84 year old Kang Wong decided to begin a life of crime Sunday afternoon when he crossed the street in an area not allowed by the city.

  He was subsequently seen by the brave NYPD who, in their efforts to ‘protect and serve’ New Yorkers, kept them all safe by beating Mr. Wong so bad that he had to be hospitalized.

  According to witnesses Mr. Wong, didn’t seem to understand what the police were saying and simply tried to walk away, and so they did what they are trained to do, escalate the situation to violence.”


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Cop Tazes High Schooler


  ” Early Friday morning, thugs presumably supporting President Obama beat up the son of Wisconsin State Senator Neal Kedzie outside of his apartment in Whitewater. Kedzie caught the two men removing a Romney sign outside of his apartment around two o’clock in the morning. After telling them to put the signs back, one of the thugs attacked Kedzie and then put him in a choke hold and continued to beat his head.



  Mark Belling spoke to the Senator’s son Sean on the radio earlier today. Sean Kedzie told Belling he was rushed to the hospital by ambulance with possible skull and eye socket fractures.”

“Texas dad “remorseful” after catching man molesting his daughter and beating him to death”

“The case is headed to a grand jury but this guy’s more likely to land on Barbara Walters’s couch than in prison. I’d be surprised if there’s a GJ in America that would indict him; if there is, lord knows it’s not in Texas. Here’s the relevant statute in the state’s penal code. Not a close call: “