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Fantastic Photos From Berlin And Hitler’s Bunker





Hitler's Bunker















How A Deadly Disease Could Spread Worldwide






” A team of experts have created a video showing how a deadly virus would spread across the world.

  As the world becomes increasingly connected, the spread of disease too becomes more mobile.

  With over three billion passengers travelling by air every year, researchers have found that diseases and viruses can travel far faster and more effectively through busy airports than around cities in the same country.

  Scientists at Berlin’s Humboldt-Universität, ETH Zurich, Northwestern University and Robert Koch Institute developed a mathematical theory showing how a deadly virus would spread.”


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‘United Stasi of America’: Light Artist Wanted by Berlin Police



Berlin police believe that this message, projected onto the wall of the US Embassy in Berlin on Sunday night, could be a violation of laws against insulting representatives of foreign states.

Oliver Bienkowski/ Caveman Guerilla Marketing



” Berlin police are investigating a light artist for projecting the phrase “United Stasi of America” onto the the US Embassy in Berlin. The phrase refers to the former East German secret police and was meant as a protest against American spying. But can the artist really be prosecuted?

It was meant to be a publicity stunt — a political prank aimed at voicing displeasure over vast US Internet surveillance and spying activities. But Oliver Bienkowski, the light artist who projected the words “United Stasi of America” onto the US Embassy late Sunday night now finds himself in hot water with the Berlin police after authorities opened an investigation.”







One-Time ‘Superstar’ Obama Returns To Berlin As A Mere President





” President Barack Obama may still have the kind of popularity ratings that any politician would envy, but some Germans say the president’s ‘superstar’ status has been slightly tarnished.

His arrival last night in Berlin on a 24-hour trip culminates in a speech at the city’s iconic Brandenburg Gate.

Last time he was in Berlin, in 2008 as a presidential candidate, expectations were high.

But Obama is now well into his second term and German critics claim he has failed to deliver.

Most recently, an issue to rile a country which holds individual privacy dear is the PRISM programme scandal which has revealed that Obama has expanded Bush-era surveillance of phone calls and emails. Chancellor Angela Merkel had promised to raise the subject when they meet for private talks.

At a news conference after the meeting Obama said he was confident that the US has struck an appropriate balance between intelligence gathering and civil liberties.

Obama’s escalation of drone warfare has also provoked protests in Berlin.”



Five years one and the bloom is finally off the rose … sort of .









Coolest Light Art


Light Festival in Ghent, Belgium







vividsydney01 640x426 10 Coolest Light Art Festivals around the world

Vivid Sidney , Australia

U.S. Soldier Convicted of Felony for Owning a Gun