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Bessie Smith – I Need A Little Sugar In My Bowl





Uploaded on Feb 16, 2009

” Good song lyrics:

Tired of bein’ lonely, tired of bein’ blue,
I wished I had some good man, to tell my troubles to
Seem like the whole world’s wrong, since my man’s been gone
I need a little sugar in my bowl,
I need a little hot dog, on my roll
I can stand a bit of lovin’, oh so bad,
I feel so funny, I feel so sad
I need a little steam-heat, on my floor,
Maybe I can fix things up, so they’ll go
What’s the matter, hard papa, come on and save you mama’s soul
‘Cause I need a little sugar, in my bowl, doggone it,
I need a little sugar in my bowl
I need a little sugar, in my bowl,
I need a little hot dog, between my rolls
You gettin’ different, I’ve been told,
move your finger, drop something in my bowl
I need a little steam-heat on my floor,
Maybe I can fix things up, so they’ll go
(spoken: Get off your knees, I can’t see what you’re drivin’ at!
It’s dark down there!
Looks like a snake! C’mon here and drop somethin’ here in my bowl,
stop your foolin’, and drop somethin’, in my bowl) “












Bessie Smith – Bessie Smith Sings More Blues








Published on Jan 8, 2015

” Bessie Smith – Bessie Smith Sings More Blues
Find the album here: http://bit.ly/1tGcc5x http://amzn.to/1tGcmtR http://bit.ly/13X5Dothttp://bit.ly/1wS7ZvQ http://bit.ly/1Fh72HI
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00:00 – Do Your Duty
03:23 – Careless Love
06:50 – Money Blues
10:03 – Empty Bed Blues
16:28 – Nobody Knows You When You’re Down
19:27 – On Revival Day
22:26 – Preachin’ the Blues
25:20 – Alexander’s Ragtime
28:21 – Wasted Life Blues
31:26 – Take Me for a Buggy Ride
34:03 – A Good Man Is Hard to Find
37:04 – Blue Spirit Blues
40:00 – Down Hearted Blues
43:29 – Gulf Coast Blues
46:36 – Sing Sing Prison Blues
49:43 – The St Louis Blues

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From All About Blues Music





” Apart from his enduring legacy of over 100 tracks of superb fingerpicking guitar, very little was known about the personal life of Blind Blake until very recently. A death certificate discovered in Milwaukee states that Arthur Blake was born in 1896 in Newport News VA, but he was probably raised in Northern Florida or the Georgia Sea Islands judging from his ‘Geechy’ dialect. When his career stalled in 1932, Arthur travelled to the South where he promptly disappeared, and his fate was unknown. What is certain is that his superb, virtuoso guitar technique set a standard that only the most accomplished players could approach, even a century later.

  Blind from birth, Arthur Blake learned guitar as a way of earning a living in a hostile world. As a young ‘wandering songster’, he travelled around the South singing Blues songs and music-hall ditties to the sound of his swinging Ragtime guitar, and earned himself a reputation across the region as a sparkling entertainer. That fame brought him to the attention of record company scouts on the lookout for fresh talent to feed the growing demand for ‘race music‘, that had been sparked by Blues Divas like Mamie SmithMa Rainey and Bessie Smith. In 1926 Arthur signed for‘Ink’ Williams‘ Paramount Records in Chicago, and his first release was the storming instrumental, ‘West Coast Blues’. This display of exceptional talent meant that ‘Ink’ kept him busy in the studio for the next six years. He was a first-call session player for all the Paramount stars and he featured on hit records by Papa Charlie Jackson, Ma Rainey, Gus Cannon and Ida Cox, among many others.”


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