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Kristol Schools CNN Liberals Piers Morgan and Marc Lamont Hill on Government Shutdown




” Editor of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol fiercely went after Piers Morgan and Marc Lamont Hill over the government shutdown Tuesday on CNN.

Kristol derided Morgan for the CNN host’s grilling of Rep. James Lankford (R., Okla.) over Congressional pay during the shutdown and yet completely ignoring the subject of compensation with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney earlier in the show.

The discussion then became tumultuous as Lamont Hill objected to Kristol pointing out the principal reason for the government shutdown is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) will not accept a vote on either a one year delay of Obamacareor removing the special Congressional subsidies in the new Obamacare exchanges:

MARC LAMONT HILL: But 800,000 people aren’t be paid.

BILL KRISTOL: Rght, they aren’t, that’s right. Because there’s a government shutdown. Why is there a government shutdown? Because the Democratic Senate and President Obama will not accept two propositions, that the individual mandate should be delayed for a year even though the exchanges have opened in total chaos today, and the second one, that Congressmen should abide by the same rules as everyone else who goes into the exchanges. Those are such unreasonable demands that the President of the United States can’t even negotiate with the speaker about it? Jay Carney can’t make an argument against why those are good pieces of legislation?”

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The Winning Answer

 Bill Kristol posits this :


“Almost 25 minutes into last Wednesday night’s presidential debate, it was already clear Mitt Romney was doing better than expected, and that Barack Obama was a bit flat. But it wasn’t yet obvious at the end of the debate’s first segment that the debate would produce a decisive winner.



Then moderator Jim Lehrer moved from taxes to a discussion of “what to do about the federal deficit, the federal debt.” Mitt Romney spoke first. His two-minute answer was the inflection point in the debate. After that, he was on a roll—a conservative roll. And President Obama would be reduced to an ineffectual defensive crouch—a liberal crouch.

Romney’s statement deserves to be reproduced in full:” CLICK TO VIEW