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Sheriff Mack Goes Birther: Obama Birth Certificate A Fraud

Published on Jun 4, 2013

The Obama Hustle

An old Social Security card with the "not...

The problem of using the social security number as an identifier is the fact that a social security card contains no biometric identifiers of any sort, making it essentially impossible to tell whether a person using a certain SSN is truly the person to whom it was issued without relying on some other means of documentation (which may itself have been falsely procured through use of a fraudulent SSN).

SSN-042-68-4425 is the number that Obama has been using since 1979 when he was 18 yrs old.  A number that he acquired from CT while living in HI?  Below is the stolen SSN number that Obama is using and it has been broken down so we can understand how a social security number derived.

As a result of the June 1936 decision, the current SSN is composed of three parts:

  • The first three digits are the area number  (042)
  • The next two digits are the

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The issue that just won’t die , or should we say , one of the issues , along with the recently proven beyond a shadow of a doubt membership in the socialist ” New Party ” continues to gain traction at least in the blogosphere . 

 These two issues highlight with blinding clarity the abdication of the MSM of their responsibility to properly vet any and all public figures .  Face it , we (some of you anyway,we were never fooled) were sold a bill of goods . The man has never EARNED a single achievement that has been bestowed upon him . All has been GIVEN as some sort of entitlement . We are proud to hold to the belief that ” Dear Leader ” is now  ENTITLED to retire and leave us to pick up the pieces of his disastrous reign of incompetence .

“In my first American Thinker article on the Obama long-form birth-certificate forgery, “Oblivious to the Obvious,” published on April 10, I wrote: We start with the known facts: that (1) the “birth certificate” is fake, and (2) the president has said it’s his birth certificate.  It is up to researchers to work backward from the known facts to establish why the president was unable or unwilling to release a genuine one.

On May 22, the Hawaii Department of Health sent a “Verification of Birth” for Barack Obama to Ken Bennett, Arizona secretary of state (shown in Figure VB), with sufficient information to allow the president’s name to be placed on the November 2012 ballot in Arizona.  It provided enough additional information, I thought, to allow me to hone in on what might be on the genuine birth certificate that the public is not allowed to see.”