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Secret Army Guards Missouri Courthouse





Published on Nov 22, 2014

” Even with the increased security in the St. Louis area several men dressed in khaki boots and pants stood out from the crowd.

  We can’t say for sure what the men have planned but we’ve previously seen groups wearing similar garb outside of events such as the Boston Bombing and Waco.

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BREAKING NEWS: Obama Boston Bombing & Benghazi Cover Up Linked!

” Is this what Patriot Glenn Beck is going to expose on Monday? There seems to be a massive cover up of the truth about both Benghazi and The Boston Bombing and they appear to both be Linked! The common connection besides Obama is Saudi Arabia. Read about it here and watch the video and pass it along please…”

Boston Bombing and Civil Liberties Violations


” My thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombing and the house searches in Watertown. All I’m asking is to respect people’s constitutional rights. Everyone has the right to privacy and the right to a fair trial. Innocent until proven guilty is how it’s suppose to work. 

My thoughts are with the families that were affected by the tragedy. So sad. 

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