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“Algerian special forces stormed the
natural gas complex in the Sahara
desert on Saturday to end the
standoff, and the government said all 32 militants were killed. Earlier
Sunday, Algeria’s chief government
spokesman said he feared the toll of
hostages – which stood at 23 on
Saturday – would rise as the special
forces teams finished their search.”

Blood on Obama’s Hands ?

 Is Obama responsible for the death of Tonya Reaves?


 ” Reaves died last month from a botched abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Chicago. She lay bleeding for five and a half hours before employees of the taxpayer-subsidized abortion provider finally transferred her to a local hospital, where she later passed away. While Reaves lay dying, Planned Parenthood employees intentionally disregarded an emergency dispatcher’s instructions given earlier that same day to call 911 in case of an emergency