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Brooklyn Hit With Anti-Hillary Street Art







” A source sends along these photos from Brooklyn today of anti-Hillary Clinton signs everywhere. Clinton is expected to announce her presidential campaign later today. The campaign’s headquarters are located in Brooklyn.”


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Akai Gurley: Black Man Shot And Killed By Police, Stepfather Angry At Accident






” Mr. Akai Gurley, a 28-year-old black man from Brooklyn, was shot and killed this week by a new police officer in what is being called an “unfortunate tragedy.” Yet Gurley’s stepfather is understandably angry about the accident, saying he is “p***** off,” and the New York community at large also seems full of unrest over the situation. Canada Journal News shares the latest on this breaking story this Saturday, November 22, 2014.

  While leaving a housing complex, Akai Gurley was said to be fatally shot. He was unarmed and involved in no criminal activity at the time, confirms the report. It seems in this sad case that the black man was killed by a rookie cop for simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but not everyone is so sure. Gurley was leaving the Brooklyn apartment with his girlfriend by his side; this particular housing area where the accident occurred is known for its high crime rate.”


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Video Shows Girls Beating Woman In Brooklyn





” A young woman was sitting on a park bench near the Parade Grounds at Prospect Park in Brooklyn when she was savagely beaten by what appear to be three teenaged girls. The whole thing was captured on video and later posted to Facebook.”

Shameful behavior from a shameful society …


Maniac Wielding Butcher Knife Kills Child In Elevator



Prince Joshua Avitto & Mikayla King




” A 6-year-old boy was stabbed to death and a 7-year-old girl was seriously wounded when they were attacked by a manic with a butcher knife while heading out to get a snack in Brooklyn.

  Prince Joshua Avitto, 6, and Mikayla Capers, 7, were in an elevator together when they were hacked and stabbed multiple times in the random 6 p.m. attack, law-enforcement sources said.

“ They were just coming outside to get some ice cream and ices,” said Inez Rodriguez, the president of a the tenant’s association. “This is the worst thing that I’ve ever seen in this neighborhood.”

  The young boy was found dead in the elevator of the Boulevard Houses of 845 Schenck Avenue in East New York, sources said.

  6-year-old Prince Joshua Avitto was killed in the stabbing. Mikayla Capers, 7, survived the attack, but suffered injuries.”


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‘Ghostbuster’ Cops Keep Raiding Dead Man’s Home: Suit



Brooklyn dead man harrased by cops



” He’s been dead for eight years, but try telling that to the NYPD.

  Cops have barged into James Jordan Sr.’s family home looking for him more than a dozen times since he died in 2006 — prompting his exasperated relatives to finally post his death certificate on the front door.

“ I tell them over and over, ‘James isn’t here! He’s dead! It’s that simple. What’s so difficult to understand about that?’ ” the Brooklyn security guard’s widow, Karen, told The Post on Monday.

  James Jordan Sr., who died from diabetes at age 46, was last arrested in 1996 — for turnstile-jumping, said Karen Jordan, who has filed a lawsuit against the city in Brooklyn federal court.

  But cops still routinely ransack the family’s Bushwick home on Sumner Avenue, demanding to see him — coming four times this year alone, Jordan said.” “


Shameful behavior on the part of the NYPD 


Update: NYPD to finally clear dead man’s arrest warrants









NYPD Accused Of Excessive Force In Arrest That Left Teen A Quadriplegic






” Karen Fludd wants to know the truth about how her 17-year-old son became a quadriplegic and eventually died after NYPD officers stopped him for fare-beating one night last May.

  The Red Hook mother said she has received very little information about what transpired — but what she does know is her son’s version of events involves accusations of excessive force and widely diverges from the vague account police gave her.

  The police told her that on May 5, 2013, her son, Deion Fludd, was spotted squeezing through a turnstile at the Rockaway Avenue station in Brownsville with his girlfriend on a single MetroCard swipe. When officers approached them, Fludd ran onto the C train tracks, the teen’s mother said she was told by police.

  Karen Fludd, 48, said police told her that after her son ran, a subway train clipped him. The crash fractured his skull and left him with two spinal fractures.

  But before he died from his injuries on July 12, 2013, Deion gave his mother a blow-by-blow account that didn’t involve a subway train.

“ We asked him if he got hit by a train. He immediately said ‘no,’” Karen recalled her son telling her at Kings County Hospital, where he was treated for nearly two months. “He was very adamant that he did not get hit by a train.”

  Karen said Deion told her he did flee police when the officers tried to arrest him. He ran the length of the subway platform as officers followed him and then bounded onto the C line tracks, running to the platform at the next station at Ralph Avenue.

  There, an officer caught him and hit him on the back of the head with a flashlight, according to Deion’s account.

  Deion told his mom that officers then held him down with their feet on his back as he struggled until his voice suddenly stopped working.

“ They said, ‘Oh, you gonna be running? We are going to make sure your ass don’t run again,’” Deion recalled the officers telling him, according to Karen. “


Dead over a subway fare . Read on








Homeland Security’s Heavily Armed East Williamsburg Raid ‘Terrorized And Confused’ Residents




” A number of East Williamsburg and Bushwick residents were surprised by a combined federal and NYPD raid on Devoe Street early Sunday morning. Some were disturbed by a loud, low-flying helicopter, while others were simply stopped from going home because the street was blocked off.

  Witnesses spotted a big Department of Homeland Security truck as well as DHS agents toting machine guns as they raided 221 Devoe Street. The NYPD was also involved, and one officer told a resident that the bust turned up “kilos of heroin.” (Apparently the drugs may have been from out of the country, hence DHS.)

  A resident in a neighboring building told us that he and his partner “were utterly confused and frankly terrorized…I literally had a flashlight-gun pointed at me from a sniper on top of the black armored truck the first time I opened our window to see what was going on.” “


     Apparently every crime is now a matter of national security . The justification for Federal stormtroopers to come your way is anything that they say it is , like the “drugs came from outside the country” . There’s a surprise , last we knew  opium was not a domestic cash crop … Just another flimsy excuse for the Feds to usurp state and local authority . 

  According to the Homeland Security website their responsibilities include :


” HSI investigates immigration crime, human rights violations and human smuggling, smuggling of narcotics, weapons and other types of contraband, financial crimes, cybercrime and export enforcement issues.”


    We know that they are not doing anything to interfere with the flow of illegal immigration , human smuggling or drug smuggling , seeing as how the Border Patrol has been ordered to “run away” from those folks crossing the border and drug mules . Their sole purpose then , would seem to be to terrorize the legal populace and create a climate of submission .

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Cops Going Rogue (Video)





” A girl was recently arrested for JOGGING, after being told to stop. She had on “buds” and was unable to hear the cops.

  Another story we reported was an entrepreneur being set up by an informant. Lucky for the entrepreneur, he had amazing surveillance of the informant planting drugs in his store.

  This latest video show cops hitting an SUV and then writing the man sitting in the car a ticket for having no license.”











NYPD Cops Breaks Adolescent Leg, Sexually Assaults Mom


” A Brooklyn mother has filed a lawsuit against the New York Police Department, claiming an officer sexually assaulted her and broke the leg of her 10-year-old son.

  According to court records, obtained exclusively by the New York Daily News, Krystle Silvera was tending to her 5-year-old daughter on the morning of January 30th when police from the 63rd Precinct and the Warrants Division came knocking on her apartment door looking for an ex-boyfriend of hers.

  Silvera’s mother who opened the door with 10-year-old, Courtney not far behind, began to videotape the entering of officers inside the apartment. Soon after Krystle Silvera began to hear her son scream, ” You can’t do that! You’re hurting me! Don’t hit me!’” causing Silvera to run downstairs in her undergarments to see what was taking place. It was then, she claims she was pulled outside of her apartment and while restrained her pierced nipple was exposed.”


   Although this story doesn’t mention it , the Daily News states that the reason for the boy’s broken leg was “A Brooklyn cop kicked a 10-year-old boy in the shin, breaking his leg, as the child was recording him with his cell phone…”






RC Passion Turns To Tragedy




” A Queens teenager’s obsession with high-powered model helicopters ended in gruesome death yesterday, when one of his beloved toy whirlybirds spun out of control in a Brooklyn park and scalped him, sources said.

Roman Pirozek, 19, — a chopper aficionado who bragged about his exploits on YouTube — was piloting the small machine at Calvert Vaux Park in Gravesend at around 3:40 p.m., when something went horribly wrong, cops said.

The toy aircraft turned toward the teen as he tried to pull off an unusual stunt. It hit him at high speed with the rotors spinning into his head and taking out “good chunk,” law enforcement sources said.”








Going Underground: The Huge Illegal Party Held In Abandoned Subway Station SEVEN STORIES Below The Streets Of New York City



The MTA have taken a dim view of the 'trespass'



” Before We Were Ghosts was a party, musical performance and act of civil disobedience that was underground in more ways than one.

The secret event took place to coincide with last month’s summer solstice and, according to Gothamist, was curated by event organizer, theater director and film maker Jeff Stark.

Around 150 guests were given very few details about the party before meeting up near a Brooklyn subway station before midnight.

An email invite just warned: ‘To remind you, this is an event with some legal and physical risks. If you are uncomfortable with these risks you should not attend. Really.’

The partygoers were then silently led to a open manhole cover that led to a cavernous abandoned subway station.

Once they had descended deep underground the attendees were treated to a candlelit party and two hours of music before silently shuffling up the ladders and back into the night.

But the MTA was not amused. A spokesman told the New York Daily News: ‘Trespassing in non-public areas… is a serious crime and has the potential to lead to injury. This incident has been passed on to the NYPD for investigation.’

These photographs were taken by Tod Seelie.”



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9 Year Old Boy Physically Disarms Home Invader and Then Uses The Suspect’s Own Gun Against Him






” The two armed men forced their way into the residence around 6:00pm. They ordered two teenagers onto the ground. A 9 year old boy was the only other occupant of the home at the time.

When the suspects tried to come after him, the boy, who was in an upstairs bedroom, slammed the bedroom door on the suspect’s arm hard enough to force him to drop his weapon. The boy then picked up the gun and opened fire.”



All we can say is “attaboy” … You done good .

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10 Things You May Not Know About The Brooklyn Bridge







” The Brooklyn Bridge opened to the public on May 24, 1883, thereby connecting Manhattan with Brooklyn for the first time. Dubbed the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” early visitors gawked at its immense granite towers and thick steel cables, not to mention its birds-eye views. The bridge, which took 14 years and around $15 million to complete, remains among New York City’s top tourist attractions and a busy thoroughfare for commuters. On its 130th birthday, here are 10 things you may not know about the frequently photographed landmark.”



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How They Got Away With It


” This time, it’s about sex. An all-too-detailed report on the Vito Lopez scandal reveals that the once-powerful assemblyman and Brooklyn Democratic leader harassed and humiliated his female staffers — demanding that they wear sexy clothes, playing with their hair, plying them with alcohol, luring them to hotel rooms and sticking his creepy hand up their skirts.

Perhaps most depressing of all was the reaction from Assembly Democrats when told their leader had turned a blind eye to despicable, potentially criminal behavior and put young women in harm’s way:

They excused him. They forgave him. They defended him. They praised his leadership.

Above all, they scoffed at the idea that the Manhattan Democrat’s 19-year reign as speaker should end.

The key to understanding all of this, as with so much of the corruption in Albany of late, is the corrosive culture of the Legislature.

And that begins and ends with the Democrat-controlled Assembly’s near-absolute boss rule.

As soon as they get elected, like it or not, Democrats forfeit virtually all of their power to Silver — who’s now been speaker for 19 years running — as their party leader and speaker.

Assembly members are independently elected, yes. They have their own ideas and their own duties to their districts and constituents.

But as soon as they cross the Capitol threshold, they basically become Silver’s employees.

He singlehandedly determines what laws his members can bring to the floor and pass, what committees they sit on, what hearings they hold and how much cash they’re allotted to hire staff and rent office space. He can even manipulate their salaries by awarding — or taking away — leadership posts that come with extra stipends ranging from $9,000 to $41,500.”







William Boyland Jr. Indicted Yet Again





” Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. just can’t catch a break.

Mr. Boyland, who was previously charged with soliciting bribes to pay his legal bills in an unrelated corruption trial, was indicted again last March for wire fraud charges stemming from alleged abuse of per diem requests. And he was just charged yet again today.

“Boyland engaged in a scheme to defraud New York State by steering public funds to a Brooklyn based non-profit organization (‘Non-Profit A’) and then directing that a portion of those public funds be used to pay for community events promoting Boyland and on goods such as t-shirts imprinted with the slogan ‘Team Boyland’ which were distributed at those events,” a press release from the U.S. Attorney’s office this evening declared.”







NYPD Officer, 1-Year-Old Son, Boyfriend Dead In Apparent Double Murder-Suicide; Teen Escaped





” New York City police say an officer apparently shot her boyfriend, turned the gun on her 1-year-old son and then shot herself in an apparent double murder-suicide.

The three bodies were discovered Monday in the Flatlands section of Brooklyn. Authorities say the officer’s teenage son escaped through a window and called 911.”




More here 

NYPD officer, 1-year-old son, boyfriend dead in apparent double murder-suicide; teen escaped
NYPD: 3 dead in apparent double-murder suicide by cop

NYPD officer shot son, boyfriend in double murder-suicide …

NYPD Cop’s Murder-Suicide: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | …









A Drone? A Really Big Bird? A UFO? What Did Alitalia Pilot See Near JFK?




” The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating a report from the pilot who claimed he saw an unmanned or remote-controlled aircraft while on his final approach to John F. Kennedy International Airport .

The pilot, who was at the controls of Alitalia Flight AZA 60, a Boeing 777, spotted what may have been a drone about four to five miles southeast of the airport at an altitude of 1,500 feet while on final approach to Runway 31 Right at about 1:15 p.m.”



City Hikes Taxes On Sandy-Hit Houses




” Homeowners in an exclusive waterfront enclave in Brooklyn thought Hurricane Sandy was as cruel a blow as they could suffer — until the taxman proved them wrong.

The city is claiming that property values have actually shot up for many homes in Manhattan Beach and it’s going ahead with hefty tax hikes for the houses devastated by the October superstorm, shocked property owners told The Post.

Homeowners in other neighborhoods hit by Sandy, including Coney Island, the Rockaways and parts of Staten Island, also said they’ve received increases.

“This is totally insensitive and heartless,” said Ira Zalcman, president of the Manhattan Beach Community Group, which has received more than 30 complaints from residents about the hikes.

“We just sustained one of the worst national disasters in our nation’s history, and now the city is delusional, claiming our property values went up.”



   We’d have more pity for these homeowners if we didn’t know that that they are reaping the benefits of the over-arching government they regularly vote into office .

   They are getting a taste of how the rest of the non-liberal NY residents feel everyday living in a state who’s politics are completely dominated by the left-wing voters of NYC.

 Violent Groups Of Teens Leave NYC Businesses In Ruins

AA New York Flash

” In New York and across the country, the mobs of kids – 20, 30, 40 or more — appear out of nowhere and suddenly charge a newsstand or convenience store.

They ransack, steal and wreak havoc with no consideration for customers, such as Bennett, who get in their way.

“They assemble, they do whatever it is that they’re going to do, and then they disassemble in a matter of minutes,” said Jon Shane, assistant professor of criminal justice at John Jay College. “By the time somebody recognizes what is happening or is injured, if the police are able to respond, it’s slow.”

Teens have destroyed the newsstand on 57th Street between Eighth and Ninth avenues so many times that the manager has been forced to shut down completely in the afternoon so he doesn’t lose any more money.”

Meanwhile in Chicago :


Chicago Won’t Respond to 911 Calls

AAA Chicago Flash


” Victims of ‘non-threatening’ crimes such as burglaries, thefts, and simple assault in Chicago will no longer be visited by officers when they call 911.

Chicago police are now enforcing an austere new measure where officers are not dispatched to scenes where the offender has fled and where no one is in immediate danger.
The Windy City is in the middle of both a crime and budget crisis, with sprees of violence erupting, even as first responders are forced to drastically slash their budgets.”


   So as you can see in two of the most anti-gun cities in the country the police are only 10-20 minutes away when you need them , if they respond at all , yet you have no right to defend yourselves . But the elitists do …

Update : Add Seattle To The List …


” Hundreds of flash robs around the country are just some of the examples of black mob lawlessness documented in the book “White Girl Bleed a Lot: The return of racial violence and how the media ignore it.

Denying black mob lawlessness is a popular past time: Seattle has “fewer problems with racism than other cities,” says the blog So Seattle. “Ethnic tensions … seem less tangible.”

Seattle may not have the day-in, day-out, racial violence of a Chicago, or the peculiar racial anarchy of small-town Peoria. But more and more people are paying attention to the increasingly visible and brutish mayhem groups of black people are visiting on a pregnant woman, veterans, old people, young people, “gay” people, Asians and everyone in between. Right there in good old Seattle.

Let’s start with 17-year-old, pregnant Jessica Redmon-Beckstead. She was riding the bus with her boyfriend when five black women started to taunt, attack, kick, punch and rob her.”

  You can’t be trusted to protect yourselves so let the professionals handle it . Wait for the police … and wait … and wait …

Reddit Co-Founder Commits Suicide



Picture of Aaron Swartz

Picture of Aaron Swartz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



” The Internet genius behind the popular Web site Reddit.com committed suicide at his Brooklyn home today, police sources and friends said.

Cops discovered Aaron Swartz unconscious at 9:30 a.m. and are now investigating whether he hanged himself, law enforcement sources said.

Swartz helped create Reddit and drafted an early version of the RSS format, a “Web feed” that syndicates popular headlines.

Friends yesterday called him a prolific intellectual — and a computer geek legend — who had long suffered from depression.

“We have lost someone today who had more work to do — and who made the world a better place,” his pal Cory Doctorow wrote on the blog Biong Boing.

Swartz was also an avid Internet activist, who pushed to make web files open to the public. He opposed the “Stop Online Piracy Act,” which keeps hackers from swiping web content such as music and movies. “

Murder Rate in Brooklyn Lowest Since 1960




” An extreme drop in Brooklyn‘s murder rate over the last two decades is reflectant of the dedication of residents, elected officials and the NYPD to keep neighborhoods safe, according to Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes.

Mr. Hynes noted that when he first took office in 1990, there were 780 murders in the borough. Last year the number, at 149, was the first time it was less than 150 since 1960. “

The Post-Sandy Christmas




” “I have a wreath on my hotel room window,” said Stout. “It stinks. You just can’t go home. I feel like I’m on a road trip in my own neighborhood. It’s not like I have a tree up with lights.”

“It’s very different from what we’re used to,” said Vinny Accetta, a Midland Beach, Staten Island resident. He, his wife, and twin 2 ½ year olds are living with in-laws. “We usually do Christmas Day at our house,” he said. But that is not possible as his home has been flooded out.

“We’re not doing what we usually do. We don’t have our own tree or decorations, we feel out of sorts,” Accetta said. “If it weren’t for the kids, we would not be celebrating.”

The upheaval is compounded by FEMA’s ineffective response. Those insured by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), administered by FEMA, cannot rebuild their lives until they hear from the government how much they will be receiving. “


FEMA to the rescue … what would we do without our government saviors ?


” Gerritsen Beach Sandy Relief is continuing to care for its own in the Brooklyn borough after some 10,000 of its residents’ homes were flooded by sewer and sea water. Their call for people to loan its residents motor homes continues after being denied trailers by FEMA.

The wish list posted on Amazon a week before Christmas for the residents lists not video games or toys but bleach, paper towels, gloves, hot chocolate, 2x4s, and canned food like Spam and Chef Boyardee. ”





Rep. Yvette Clarke: The Dutch owned slaves in Brooklyn as recently as 1898 [VIDEO]

“A Democratic congresswoman from Brooklyn appears to believe that slavery existed in her district until 1898.

Against the advice of her party’s leadership, Rep. Yvette Clarke appeared on “The Colbert Report” on Tuesday for one of host Stephen Colbert’s occasional “Better Know a District” segments. After getting in a few digs at Brooklyn, Colbert asked Clarke, who is currently serving her third term in the House, what she would say to her district if she could go back to 1898 in a time machine.”