Guns Of The Greatest Revolution Ever


Brown Bess


” Today when we think of the modern and mighty US military safeguarding these United States, it may be hard to imagine that 250-years ago a very different looking armed force protected a country in a very different place. In 1763 the United States did not even exist, rather it was a series of 13 colonies all in allegiance to the British throne. But there were then as there are now American soldiers. Moreover, they were at war.

Militia Madness

Going back as far as the 16th century were the English muster laws of the 1570s under Queen Elizabeth I that organized all able-bodied men into a town militia. This law was brought to America from England and the Massachusetts Bay Colonial Militia was founded on December 13, 1636. Each man was to have a musket or fowling piece(what we would think of today as a shotgun) and a supply of ball and powder. The militia law ordered each man to appear with, “a Gun, fit for service, a Cartouch Box, and a Sword, Cutlass, or Hanger, and at least Twelve Charges of Powder and Ball, or Swan Shot, and Six Spare Flints.”