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Published on Mar 6, 2015




Apologies for the caps , but the post came that way and there was too much text for us to redo … the message remains regardless of the SHOUTING …

GRAPHIC IMAGES: ISIS Finds Man Guilty Of Homosexuality – Executes By Hurling Off Roof


Gay Man Thrown From Roof


” The accused man is thrown off the roof to his death as instructed by the Islamic court system. It is not uncommon for fundamental Islamic courts to dictate that the penalty for homosexuality is death. ISIS made the announcement in a statement accompanied by photos showing the execution. As the photos show, this group of ISIS soldier apprehend the accused homosexual as instructed, dragged him to the rooftop and pushed him to his death. According to a statement accompanying the images: (See above and the link)

  The Observatory, which tracks the conflict using its own embedded sources, said that ISIS killed 1,432 Syrians since the end of June in non-military executions, including two Syrian men who were stoned to death in November for being gay.”


    And the woman who would be queen preaches empathy for the thugs that throw gays to their death … Read/see more at ViralBuzz






   Explain that to your gay constituency Hillary , I’m sure they’ll feel very empathetic towards an enemy that actively seeks their destruction in the most horrific ways










Albuquerque Security Forces Use Tear Gas On Raging Protesters After Fatal Police Shooting






” Albuquerque police have violently cracked down on protesters, using tear gas and arresting several demonstrators, after over nine hours of unrest. Hundreds expressed their anger over last week’s police shooting that saw a homeless man killed.

  At the beginning of the rally, protesters asked police to take responsibility for their actions.

“ The police serve us, they do not kill us,” one protester told the local KRQE media outlet, while one of the demonstrators held a sign that read, “APD: Dressed To Kill.”







” Another activist, Alexander Siderits, 23, told AP he was participating because he was “fed up” with how police treat citizens.

” It has reached a boiling point, and people just can’t take it anymore,” he stressed.

  The protesters are angry at the Albuquerque police’s involvement in 37 shootings, 23 of them fatal, over the past four years. Many believe it is far too many for a city with around 550,000 inhabitants. The most recent case of a police shooting happened on March 16 when a homeless man was shot dead on the east side of Albuquerque. The incident was caught on video and the FBI has now opened an investigation into the man’s death.”



RT has more








Police The Police


 Please pardon the awkward phrasing of the quoted text from this post as it comes from a computer generated translation of the original Pravda article published in Ukrainian .

Killed In Clashes Can Be More Than 30, Some Already Identified

Загиблих у сутичках може бути більше 30-ти, частину вже ідентифікували






” Killed in clashes in Kiev last night and maybe 30 people , according to the headquarters of national resistance.

  Deputy Les Orobets in the air “Public TV” said it – only officially confirmed the numbers.

  She said that so far there is no information about the exact number of people killed in the House of Trade Unions, which is burned at night.

  Orobets suggests that because while burning 1st and 9th floors of the building, many people failed to evacuate – and the death toll could be more than you expect.

  Previously, she has published in his Facebook list of identified those killed during clashes on February 18 and at night.   

  There are currently unable to install the following persons: 
1. Nikolai Nikitin, S. (However, readers report that Nikitin alive, but dead Georgian named Zurab, who was in the pocket of identity Nikitin – Ed.)

2. Dvoryanets Antonina

3. Andrew Korczak – Lviv region. 

4. Veremiy Vyacheslav – Kyiv

5. Didych Sergey – Ivano-Frankivsk region.

6. Vladimir Kishchuk – Zaporozhye.

7. Sergei Shapoval – Kyiv

8. Games Serduk – Poltava region. 

9. Naumov, Vladimir G. – Donetsk region.

10. Alexander Kapinos – Ternopil region.

11. Plekhanov, Alexander V.

12. Kulchytsky Vladimir S. – Kyiv

13. Brezdenyuk Valery – Vinnitsa region. Among the dead security forces – these people: 1. Dmitry Vlasenko 2. Goncharov Vitaly I. 3. Ivanenko Alex N. 4. Teplyuk Ivan 5. Maxim Tretiak L. “


    Pravda has more on the casualties while a group of lawyers from Ukraine have started a petition , included below , demanding an end to the government repression and brutalization of the Ukrainian people .




Address Of The Ukrainian Bar On The Situation In The Country

Звернення українських правників щодо ситуації в країні


” We, the undersigned, professional lawyers can not and do not want to put up with the lawlessness that takes place in Ukraine before our eyes over the past two-plus months. Moreover, the events of recent weeks in Ukraine have shown that a violation of law and basic principles of human morality are not just carry a massive and systematic nature of the state authorities.

  Thanks to the heroic and sacrificial work of hundreds of journalists and civil society activists entire country received unequivocal evidence of crimes committed en masse all branches of power in Ukraine:

  • MPs vote for bills that do not read, under pressure from those who must control and limit,
  • police officers guard the offenders and torture of peaceful demonstrators, and
  • courts knowingly render unlawful decisions without any research or even complete disregard of circumstances.

  These illegal criminal acts have become so widespread and public that they can not hide any application and creative interpretation of the facts. It is significant that none of the cases of abuse of power did not get a decent assessment of the public authorities.

  Unfortunately, we have to admit that the main reason that happens is a long-term destruction of the basic principles of the establishment and functioning of state authorities in Ukraine. Today the entire state machinery has become a machine of making money, which ceased to perform its primary function and single – serving the people.

  These processes began to rise to power of current leaders of the country, but for them peaked and started to threaten not only the economy but also the lives and health of all residents of the country. Thousands of lives maimed, millions lost trust in the law, and to the people that are meant to protect it.

Given the dire situation as human rights and the functioning of the Ukrainian state, we have:

  • ready to give us all the collected evidence and its own analysis to assess actions of government bodies;
  • We ask all concerned legislators unite to fix all common offenses, giving them professional judgment and protect victims;
  • requires all public and professional organizations claiming to represent the interests of lawyers, including:
  • Lawyers Association of Ukraine (ACU)
  • Union of Lawyers of Ukraine,
  • Union of Advocates of Ukraine,
  • National Association of Advocates of Ukraine

immediately determine their own assessment of the situation in the country and a legal qualification to state authority. We assume no officially declared position on the qualifications of the authorities’ full and unconditional agreement with the lawlessness perpetrated by public authorities;

  • require public authorities at all levels to stop the lawlessness and initiate public dialogue on the structural reform of public authorities, including law enforcement bodies and courts;
  • remind all our colleagues both in form and in plain clothes and all civil servants that they always have the option not to commit illegal acts and remain people – resignation. From our side we will assist as much as possible so that guilty of violating the law of representatives of government took full responsibility without limitation terms for their involvement in it.



Nikolai Orlov, lawyer

Cyril Levterov

Games Ogorodniychuk

Valery Bitsyuk, Attorney

Alexander Martinenko

Ilya Kostin, lawyer

Inna Rafalskiy, Attorney

Boris Danevych, lawyer

Lana Sinichkina

Andrew Hook

Vladimir Sushchenko

Jaroslav Teklyuk, Attorney

Nazar Fedorchuk

Maxim Cherkasenko

Tatiana Kozachenko

Victoria Ptashnyk

Nicholas Gray, a lawyer

Sergey Tyurin, Attorney

Oleg Polishchuk, lawyer

Sergey Sviriba

Oksana Il’chenko

Markiyan Klyuchkovsky

Alex Filatov, lawyer

Sergey Shkliar

Sergey Koziakov

Alexander Pavlenko

Alexander Domashenko

Andriy Sereda

Mr. Pilkov, Attorney

Andrew Trembych, Attorney

Alexander Franchuk, a lawyer

Marina Lilichenko, Attorney

Vyacheslav Sokolov

Nikolai Eremenko, lawyer

Andrew Avtorgov, Attorney

Olga Lyuber, Attorney

Eugene Stelmach, Attorney

Roman rowing, Attorney

Dmitry Nazarets, Attorney

Irina Didkovskiy lawyer

Yuri rounders

Alexander Shevchenko lawyer

Vitaly Vedmyedyev, Attorney

Alexander Lapin, a lawyer

Paul Dikan, Attorney

Andrew Steblevskyy, Attorney

Jaroslav Tuk

Tamara Atamas, Attorney

John Bone, attorney

Svetlana Petrakivska, Attorney

Andrew Levkovets, Attorney

Andrew Bohinkevych, Attorney

Constantine Porosolov

Vladislav Sokolov, a lawyer

Vitaly Tytych, Attorney

Natalia Zavgorodnyaya, Attorney

Lukovkiv Anton, a lawyer

Natalia Dankovskyi, Attorney

Roman Maselko

Yuriy Kushnir, lawyer

Jaroslav Abramov

Alex Buchanan

Zoe Zamihovska

Maxim Sysoev, Attorney

Irina Paliashvili

Margarita Karpenko

Arthur Kotenko

Sergey Benedyuk

Michael Gursky

Denis Maystrenko

Roman Tytykalo

Dmitry Mikhaylenko

Games decompose

Oleksandr Padalka

Alexander Onishchenko, Attorney

Alexander Pashchenko lawyer

Dmitri Denisov, a lawyer

Catherine Ishchenko

Taras Kislev, the lawyer

Maxim Syurenko, Attorney

Elena Storozhuk, lawyer

Olga Stolyarchuk

Tatiana Koren, a lawyer

Games Cherezov, Attorney

Denis Rabomizo, Attorney

Leonid Cherniavskyi

Julia Cherkashina, Attorney

Elena centurion lawyer

Eugene KOLOMYJEC, Attorney

Michael Spasov, Attorney

Dmitry Loshakova, Attorney

Julianna relative

Roman Smalyuk

Natalie Romaniuk, lawyer

Dmitry Pohoryelyy

Trumpeter Alexander, Attorney

Maxim Vasiliev, Attorney

Julia Buzikova

Dmitry Gnenny, Attorney

Sergey Laputko, Attorney

Kurdydyk Alexander, Attorney

Tatiana Overseas

Svetlana Musienko

Galina Zagorodniuk lawyer

Mladen Kachurets

Leonid Antonenko, a lawyer

Alex Wednesday

Lubomir Drozdovskii, Attorney

Julian Revyuk, Attorney

Olga Kozlyakovska, Attorney

Olena Tkachenko, lawyer

Dmitry Timoshchenko

Andrew Primak

Anna Stretovych

Andrew Stelmashchuk, Attorney

Natasha Mozgovaya

Inna Weasel

Andrey Tsvetkov, lawyer

Vladimir Bobrik

Dmitry Gadomsky, Attorney

Michael Perhamenschyk, Attorney

Faith Prohira

Alexander Mamunya

Anna Rabomizo

Oleg Polishchuk, lawyer

Sergey Chaplyan, Attorney

Sergey Mityurin, Attorney

Sergei Yaroshenko, a lawyer

Alina Samarets, Attorney

Hope Cherkasova, Attorney

Yuri Mihalskyy, Attorney

Joseph Zazulyak, Attorney

Ekaterina Kovalevskaya, Attorney

Andrew Stelmashchuk

Vitaly Mahinchuk, Attorney

Alexander Babich, lawyer

Harmatyuk Anton, a lawyer



The following is a copy of the petition in the original Ukrainian language .


Звернення українських правників щодо ситуації в країні

” Ми, що нижче підписалися, професійні правники не можемо і не хочемо миритися з беззаконням, яке розгортається в Україні перед нашими очима протягом останніх двох з лишком місяців. Більше того, події останніх тижнів в Україні засвідчили, що порушення закону та елементарних засад людської моралі носять не просто масовий, а системний характер з боку органів державної влади.

Завдяки героїчній та жертовній праці сотень журналістів і громадських активістів уся країна отримала беззаперечні свідчення злочинів, масово вчинених усіма гілками влади в Україні:

  • парламентарі голосують за законопроекти, які не читають, під тиском тих, кого повинні контролювати та обмежувати,
  • правоохоронці охороняють правопорушників і катують мирних демонстрантів, а
  • суди виносять завідомо незаконні рішення без будь-якого дослідження, а то й з повним ігноруванням обставин справи.

Ці протиправні злочинні діяння стали настільки масовими і публічними, що їх неможливо приховати жодними заявами та творчою інтерпретацією фактів. Показово, що жоден з випадків зловживання владою не отримав гідної оцінки з боку державних органів.

На жаль, ми змушені визнати, що основною причиною того, що відбувається, є тривале руйнування основних засад створення та функціонування усіх органів державної влади в Україні. На сьогодні весь державний апарат перетворився на машину із заробляння грошей, яка припинила виконувати свою головну та єдину функцію – служіння народу.

Ці процеси почалися до приходу до влади поточних очільників країни, проте за них досягли піку та почали загрожувати вже не лише економіці, а й життю та здоров’ю усіх мешканців країни. Тисячі життів скалічено, мільйонам підірвано довіру як до закону, так і до осіб, які покликані його захищати.

З огляду на катастрофічну ситуацію як з дотриманням прав людини, так і з функціонування Української Держави, ми:

  • готові надати всі зібрані нами докази та власний аналіз для оцінки діянь представників органів державної влади;
  • просимо всіх небайдужих правників об’єднатися для спільної фіксації усіх фактів правопорушень, надання ним фахової оцінки та захисту постраждалих;
  • вимагаємо від усіх громадських та професійних організацій, які претендують на представництво інтересів правників, зокрема:
  • Асоціації правників України (АПУ),
  • Союзу юристів України,
  • Спілки адвокатів України,
  • Національної асоціації адвокатів України,

негайно визначитися з власною оцінкою ситуації в країні та юридичною кваліфікацією дій органів державної влади. Вважатимемо відсутність офіційно проголошеної позиції щодо кваліфікації дій влади повною і беззаперечною згодою із беззаконням, яке чинять органи державної влади;

  • вимагаємо від органів державної влади всіх рівнів припинити беззаконня і розпочати суспільний діалог щодо структурного реформування органів державної влади, зокрема правоохоронних органів та судів;
  • нагадуємо всім нашим колегам як в формі, так і в цивільному, а також усім державним службовцям, що у них завжди є можливість відмовитися від вчинення протиправних дій та залишитися людьми – звільнення за власним бажанням. Зі свого боку ми максимально допомагатимемо, щоби винні в порушенні закону представники органів державної влади понесли повну відповідальність без обмеження строків щодо їх притягнення до неї.”







Ukrainian Upheaval Over The Government’s Refusal To Join EU




    Here is a collection of videos both amateur and from some of the news agencies giving the reader an idea of what is going on for the past week in the Ukraine .



Ukraine : Total War


Ukrainian Protests






” Demonstrators attacked President Yanukovych’s headquarters, commandeering a bulldozer to break through police lines. Interior Ministry forces and riot police fired tear gas and stun grenades to repel the protesters. Journalists were injured. “






” A wheeled bulldozer used by masked protesters to attack a police barricade near the Ukrainian president’s administration building in Kiev. The bulldozer is eventually stopped by other protesters who claim it is a “provocation”. Protests have been ongoing in Kiev since President Viktor Yanukovich refused to sign a trade agreement with the European Union.”




Mass protests turn violent in Ukraine


Published on Dec 1, 2013

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” Dec. 1 – Violence erupts as Ukrainians hold mass rally against Yanukovich’s U-turn on Europe. Rough Cut (no reporter narration).”





A Reuters Report:


Ukraine Protests 2013 – Footage




Published on Dec 2, 2013

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” The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has released more footage of the Kiev protests. Ukrainian people are protesting the suspension of talks regarding integration of Ukraine in the EU.
Video: Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine: youtube.com/user/dzgmvs/ “




A BBC Report :





Published on Dec 2, 2013

” The BBC was on the streets of Kiev to visit the sites where some of the barricades and were being put up to stop the police. Protesters in Ukraine have surrounded government buildings, stepping up their campaign to oust President Viktor Yanukovych over ties with the EU. “

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   Here is a French media report highlighting how social media is helping to drive the protests as well as being used to find housing and food for the protesters as they converge on Kiev from all over the country .




Published on Dec 3, 2013

” Today on the net: how the pro-Europe protests in Ukraine are driven by social media; a campaign tackling violence against women in the Arab world; and a mini-documentary about record-breaking record breaker Ashrita Furman.
12/03/2013 WEBNEWS
News as seen on the web and about the web
International news as seen on the web and about the web: the latest buzzes and a comprehensive overview of what’s trending on social networks. 
All shows: 
http://www.france24.com/en/list/emiss… “





   Another report from Reuters alleges the use of government provocateurs for the purpose of inciting violence and discrediting the protesters .




    The protests have been raging for eleven days and show no sign of easing up . The demonstrators refuse to disperse without first getting the resignations of the president and his prime minister .


The Strange Case Of Miriam Carey Who Was Gunned Down By D.C. Police


Miriam Carey



” In the video below, Rev./Dr. James David Manning refers to a phone interview he had with Miriam’s sister, Valarie Carey, who is a retired New York City police sergeant, and points out many oddities about Miriam’s death:

  • Why did Capitol Hill police, who are trained to be temperate, instead shot to kill an unarmed woman who had a baby in the back seat of her car? No guns or bombs or threatening letters were found in her car. (To that I’ll add this: If police thought Miriam’s careening car was a public hazard, why didn’t they shoot out the car’s tires?)
  • Why did police not follow the usual procedure of notifying the next of kin first? Instead, according to Valerie Carey, police released Miriam’s identification to the public before notifying her family. Valerie found out about her sister from a reporter’s phone call.
  • When the Carey family traveled to Washington, DC, they were told they couldn’t see Miriam’s body but were just shown a photo of her body.
  • To this day, the Carey family has not been given an official notification of Miriam’s death, or of the autopsy report, or how many times she was shot.
  • Why are black race-agitators like Al Sharpton and Charles Rangel silent about Miriam’s shooting death when they normally raise a hue-and-cry about any alleged police mistreatment of blacks? Sharpton’s silence is especially noteworthy because Miriam’s sister, Valerie Carey, is on the executive board of his National Action Network. Did somebody get to Sharpton?
  • Why did the police intimidate and silence Carey family attorney Eric Sanders?
  • Why is Miriam being discredited and portrayed as a mentally-ill, deranged woman when there is no evidence as such? On the contrary, Miriam was highly functional, being a dental hygienist. The only medication she was taking was prescription med for post-partum depression.
  • And the biggest question of all: Why did Miriam Carey drive to Washington, DC that day, and specifically to the White House?

   That last question is what prompted Valarie Carey to wonder if her sister’s 18-month-old daughter is Barack Obama’s “love child.”

  To answer that question, Valarie Carey and Rev. Manning are demanding a paternity test of Miriam’s daughter, and that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder conduct an investigation into the death of Miriam Carey. Click here for Valarie’s petition.”



Read it all here .







Family Of Girl, 17, Who Killed Herself After Images Of Her Being ‘Gang Raped’ Were Posted Online By Her Attackers Speak Out About Their Grief


'Victim': She was labelled a 'slut' after she was allegedly gang raped by four teenagers in 2010


” The family of a 17-year-old girl who hanged herself after she was allegedly gang raped and bullied for being a ‘slut’ have spoken out about their grief and their determination to fight for justice.

Rehtaeh Parsons was found hanged in the bathroom of her Dartmouth, Nova Scotia home on April 4 – after nearly a year-and-a-half of torment – and her parents switched off her life support days later.

‘When Rehtaeh was born, I promised her the world,’ her mother Leah told People magazine, as she grasped a picture of her oldest child. ‘Now my beautiful girl is gone.’

She was allegedly attacked at the home of two brothers in Cole Harbour on November 12, 2011, when she was just 15.”



You can read more about Rehtaeh’s tragic story here , here and here








” Throughout the two year civil war that has raged unabated in Syria, the Obama administration has tried very hard to portray the Free Syrian Army as a revolutionary force of freedom and democracy. However, the actual truth is much more frightening.

There is a false assumption by many Americans that because the Free Syrian Army (FSA) are fighting to topple the regime of ruthless dictator, Bashar al-Assad, and have the backing of U.S. president Barrack Obama that they are automatically a force for freedom, democracy and justice.


This could not possibly be any further from the truth.” 

” Indeed, Al-Assad is a devil, but he is a devil that we know well. It is the devil that we do not known in the form of the FSA and its affiliates that should concern us the most. 

The little that is already known about these so-called freedom fighters is deeply disturbing.

How much more do we not know about this dark entity? 

Despite the U.S. currently suffering through a sequester and precariously close to falling into yet another recession, Obama has deemed it okay to provide this suspect entity with as much as $250 million in non-lethal aid. “





” The fact that the U.S. is in bed with the FSA is emblematic of Obama’s poor judgment and train wreck of a foreign policy, especially with regard to the Middle East. 

What’s more disturbing is the fact that the administration is actually contemplating going beyond the non-lethal aid that has already been rendered and providing opposition rebels with actual weaponry and military hardware – considering that it has not already done so covertly.”




   America has no business getting in bed with either faction in this civil war . One side is more brutal than the other . Have we learned nothing from Egypt and Libya ? 






The World’s Muslims: Religion, Politics and Society



” The percentage of Muslims who say they want sharia to be “the official law of the land” varies widely around the world, from fewer than one-in-ten in Azerbaijan (8%) to near unanimity in Afghanistan (99%). But solid majorities in most of the countries surveyed across the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia favor the establishment of sharia, including 71% of Muslims in Nigeria, 72% in Indonesia, 74% in Egypt and 89% in the Palestinian territories.

In most countries surveyed, majorities of Muslim women as well as men agree that a wife is always obliged to obey her husband. Indeed, more than nine-in-ten Muslims in Iraq (92%), Morocco (92%), Tunisia (93%), Indonesia (93%), Afghanistan (94%) and Malaysia (96%) express this view. At the same time, majorities in many countries surveyed say a woman should be able to decide for herself whether to wear a veil.”










Warning : VERY Disturbing Video 



Reli Of Pea




    How dare you liberal assholes try to tell me that a society that not only condones this , but actively participates in it , is of equal moral standing with America .  America is the exception … this is the rule .