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Scorpion’s Last Strike: 603rd Air Control Squadron Returns From Final Deployment Before Inactivation





” 1/22/2013 – AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy (AFNS) — Airmen assigned to the 603rd Air Control Squadron here were greeted by hundreds of family members and friends Jan. 19 as they returned home from their final deployment in Southwest Asia before the squadron is inactivated later this year.

The 603rd ACS, one of two Air Force theater air control systems in Europe, is being inactivated as part of a larger effort to help meet Budget Control Act resource levels.

The squadron has a rich history with roots reaching back to the very beginnings of the Air Force. It was officially activated as the 603rd ACS on Dec. 31, 1945 under the Army Air Corps. The squadron’s early years provided air control for major air operations, including support of the Berlin Airlift.”



How About Czar’s Pay ? If we are talking bloat here , then let’s start with politicians , bureaucrats and administrators before we think of cutting the pay of the one branch of government that is truly justified .

And remind us again how many aides Michelle has .





” Panetta said there were four areas he looked at when trying to achieve savings: efficiencies; force structure reductions, or decreasing total troop strength; procurement reforms; and, perhaps most controversially, compensation.

Troop pay was not directly affected by the Budget Control Act reductions, but if Panetta was laying out a road map for future cuts, as he appeared to be doing, it may not be spared for long.

“Everything has to be looked at if you’re serious about achieving the kind of savings that we need to achieve to address the budget deficit,” Panetta said, adding that he faced a $50 million healthcare bill at the Defense Department and that pay rates had grown significantly in recent years.

Still, military pay seems a strange place to start cutting. While troops do have a robust benefits package during service, pay can be barebones, starting at roughly $1,500 per month for junior enlisted service members. Cuts or cost increases to veterans’ healthcare are also a sore spot, as fee increases in the current defense budget bill have left some retirees feeling let down by the military. “