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sporting v military

Does anyone care what John ” by the way I served in Viet Nam” Kerry has to say ?

  ” But it was John Kerry who really left me feeling awkward when he attacked Governor Romney
for being, er, inconsistent in his positions: “Mr. Romney, here’s a little advice. Before you debate
Barack Obama on foreign policy, you better finish the debate with yourself.” “

” In the battle of the vice presidents, Ryan wins by a knockout”

” Paul Ryan is a real addition to Romney’s camp. He’s young, intelligent, well-informed and
articulate. He’s serious about matters which are serious. And he has a genuine personal appeal. In fact, when I think of Ryan in
comparison with the Jar Jar Binks who currently serves President Obama, that bundle of
malapropisms, confusion, malice and profound shallowness the world knows as Joe Biden, I think the Romney choice is a stoke of
contrasting genius.

Biden some people have called a “gaffe-machine.” But they struggle for real explanation, for who has fathomed the dead still waters of the mare closum of the Biden mind?”

He Just Gets Dumber

My first thought is why anyone takes an ignorant moron like Alec Baldwin seriously anyway ?

Alec Baldwin stooped to a new low tonight with his pathetic, unwarranted tweet about the late new media legend Andrew Breitbart. In an apocalyptic showdown with fellow actor Adam Baldwin of Full Metal Jacket and Independence Day fame, Alec invoked Andrew Breitbart’s name for no apparent purpose, causing conservatives and even some of Alec’s own fans to hold him accountable.”

I expect more from this story . Stay tuned .