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Two Naked American Sisters Arrested In Siem Reap, Cambodia






” Two Naked American Tourist Sisters, Lindsey and Leslie Adams, Arrested in Siem Reap, Cambodia for taking nude photos at Angkor Wat Cambodia

   American sisters, Lindsey Adams and Leslie Adams, have been arrested for taking nude pictures at the Angkor Wat Temples Complex. They have been arrested but no charges have been filed yet. [Update: Lindsey Adams And Leslie Adams Have Been Charged And Deported To Thailand By Bus]

  Apsara Authority has confirmed that that Lindsey Adams and her sister Leslie Adams were caught at Preah Khan temple taking pictures of each other with their pants down.”





” ” They lowered their pants to their knees and took pictures of their buttocks,” said Keat Bunthan, a senior heritage police official in northwestern Siem Reap province.

  This is clearly very upsetting to many Cambodians, and comes just weeks after a series of naked foreigners have been arrested while naked in Cambodia, including 3 foreigners riding around on their motorbikes naked, 3 french guys taking completely nude pictures from behind in the Angkor Complex, a Western couple having sex on a tuk-tuk and even a Japanese girl releasing pictures of herself posing topless in the Angkor Wat Temple.”



    This is hysterical , no not that the girls were so disrespectful at a Holy shrine , but the fact that their arrest is but the culmination of a rash of the nudie tourism that has been documented recently in Cambodia . Read on



















PSA: Gun Control Works

On this first of May 2012 , also known as May Day or World Worker’s Day we explore the human cost of the regimes these protesters romanticize . From having it’s pagan origins as a Spring Festival and proceeding to become a campaign for a 8 hour work day this holiday has been seized  first by the labor unions  by the World Worker’s Party and now by the lovely people of the Occupy movement as their day of protest .

Behold some of their prized symbols ,

Seems to me , most people would love to be receiving a wage today . Enslavement to day takes the shape of government dependency .

.  Well , class warfare is certainly back in vogue with this administration .

But enough with the romanticized version .  Let’s get down to the cold hard facts of the “workers paradises” …

The cost of this grand century long experiment is well beyond 100,000,000 souls and still climbing .

Soviet Union : Range from 61 million to 120 million

People’s Republic of China : Range from 40 million to 70 million

People’s Republic of North Korea : Range from 1,600,000 to 3,000,000

Cambodia : Estimated 1,600,000

The Nazi’s : Estimated 20,000,000 *

   Yes the Nazis belong on this list . Contrary to the Leftist revisionists the party was the ” National Socialist ” party . This is by no means comprehensive but nevertheless serves to illustrate exactly how worthy of admiration are the regimes held up for evidence of ” worker’s paradises ” .

   I leave you with some links to more comprehensive studies on the deaths generated by the experiment of the ” Great socialism ” of the twentieth century , the bloodiest in human history thanks in large part to the socialist dream .

I leave you with this estimate of total deaths attributable to socialism/communism through the last century put for by . Zbigniew Brzezinski :Out of Control: Global Turmoil on the Eve of the Twenty-first Century (1993)

  • “Lives deliberately extinguished by politically motivated carnage”:
    • 167,000,000 to 175,000,000
    • Including:
      • War Dead: 87,500,000
        • Military war dead:
          • 33,500,000
        • Civilian war dead:
          • 54,000,000
      • Not-war Dead: 80,000,000
        • Communist oppression:
          • 60,000,000