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This Side Of Mitt Romney America Didn’t Get To See Could Have Saved America 4 More Years Of Obama



” If you ever wondered how Mitt Romney reacted to his 2012 defeat, you can see it personally in the upcoming documentary Mitt, which will be aired Netflix.  The film charts Romney’s rise from 2008-2012.

  Greg Whitley, who directed the film, is a close family friend who had exclusive access to Romney for six years.  In Mitt, he captures the trials and tribulations experienced on the national campaign scene. It also appears to capture the difficulty candidates’ wives face, with Ann Romney being filmed saying, “I would not want to do this again. It’s just too much.” “










  As Conrad Black explains when you have nothing positive to tout you are left with no alternative but to attack your opponent .

” So far, the presidential-election campaign has moderately exceeded even very high expectations of banality and nastiness. It is like a three-legged race between the head of a failed administration (except in continuing to combat terrorism), who is smearing his opponent because the president can’t run on his record; “

They Bring a Knife ….

   Romney is not McCain . That had been my greatest fear . Mitt seemed to be just another nice guy who would shrink from what needed to be done and cower before a hostile media environment . So far , not so . The man and his campaign know how to take the fight to the opponent and that is what must be done . 

To date all Obama’s opponents have lived in fear of the “race card” and have conceded him the home field advantage . Finally we have someone who is not afraid to point out the nakedness of the Emporer .Good for Mitt , good for us .

“We’ve seen it over and over: the Obama campaign will launch an attack, and in next to no time, the Romney team hits back–twice as hard, as President Obama and Glenn Reynolds both like to say. It happened with the smear of Ann Romney, it happened with the dog on the roof, it happened with the silly “war on women,” it happened with the administration’s clumsy attack on Bain Capital, and it happened again today with the Democrats’ attempt to denigrate Romney’s service as Governor of Massachusetts.”

Note also the youthful faces of the demonstrators …

Nothing quite like having the might of the Federal government behind your re-election campaign is there ?
This is the most unethical , deceitful administration ever . Thank goodness for our “gatekeepers” , the fourth estate . Without them we would be at the mercy of a predatory government .
Oh wait …. Never mind .

” Insurers must credit ObamaCare when giving new round of rebates, feds say. ”

Now why , after 2 years , did these rules just get finalized ? Just in time for the 2012 campaign ? Nah , I’m a cynical b..tard , I’m sure it is just a coincidence . Right .

” Rules finalized by the Department of Health and Human Services on Friday instruct insurers to notify recipients of rebates in the first paragraph of the mailing by writing: “This letter is to inform you that you will receive a rebate of a portion of your health insurance premiums. This rebate is required by the Affordable Care Act-the
health reform law.”