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Minnesota ? In Play ?



“Some scoff at the idea that Mitt Romney might carry Minnesota, but actions speak louder than words. Both Bill Clinton and Paul Ryan campaigned in Minnesota today. This morning, I put out a call to Power Line readers who attended the Ryan event to send me photos and accounts of the rally. The results were overwhelming; I can post only a tiny fraction of the photos we got, but thanks to all who responded; all of you contributed to what follows.”



“As Embassy In Yemen Attacked,
Obama Discusses “Tough Day” At
Campaign Appearance”

“… Kick Ass”

“Hey Paul!” yelled an elderly woman while Ryan was placing his order with the cashier. “Good luck! Kick ass!”

   The well-wisher, Erma from Howland, Ohio, told me later that she’s not worried that Ryan
and Romney would end Medicare. “I don’t believe it,” she said. “Because Obama has a bigger plan to rob Medicare of $617 billion.” “

   Because he’s done such an incredible job demonstrating his grasp of basic economics , he should be lecturing us poor schlubs who actually CREATE jobs .

  Bottom up economics ? What exactly is the meaning of that phrase ?

  Question : When was the last time you were hired by a poor person ?

” President Obama has a provoking penchant for using seemingly simple, yet reassuringly
intelligent-sounding, business and economic terms in a wildly misleading manner (regular
readers know I’m convinced that somewhere a fairy dies every time the word “investment” escapes his lips). In this latest instance of
beguiling economic messaging at a campaign rally in Florida on Friday, President Obama touted the need for more “bottom-up”economics :

   He told his audience Republicans,
including presumptive presidential
nominee Mitt Romney, “believe that we should go back to the top-down economics of the last decade.” “