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” ObamaCare Cancelled Your Health Insurance. Now, Send Us Your Letter.






    Don’t keep your dissatisfaction to yourself , pass it along and let there be strength in numbers . Thousands already have . You’ll feel better for it and you will be doing your part to shine the light under Obama’s lie-filled bushel .








Obama: If You Lose Your Health Insurance, Just “Shop Around”


Fascist Insurance Co


” On Oct. 30, Pres. Obama defended Obamacare and told Americans who have lost their insurance to “shop around” for other coverage.

Millions of Americans have had their insurance coverage cancelled due to new regulations put in place by the Affordable Care Act. The president commented that these changes are necessary to provide everyone with quality coverage.

Pres. Obama stands firm behind the law. “If you’re getting one of these letters, just shop around in the new marketplace. That’s what it’s for,” Obama said. “



That’s what it’s for ? 


Shopping around implies choice . What are our choices ?