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5 Year Old Threatened With Suspension For Making A Gun Out Of Legos



” A five-year-old boy has been threatened with suspension after he used Legos to build a toy gun at school.

Joseph Cardosa, attends an a after-school program at Hyannis West Elementary School, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Teachers gave him a written warning for play-shooting some of his friends with the toy gun.

His parents say they understand that teachers are parents are on edge after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, but argue that school administrators are taking things too far. ”


The authorities are bound and determined to turn us into a nation of pansies .


 Joseph Cardosa, 5, was told he would be suspended for two weeks if he makes a gun at his after school program again



The emasculation of the American male goes hand in glove with the fostering of government dependence that rules present day  America … God help us 



” Principal Kathi Amato said in a statement to Fox 5: ‘While someone might think that making a Lego gun is just an action of a 5-year-old, to other 5-year-olds, that might be a scary experience.’

Ms Cruz admits that her son has been reprimanded once before for making a finger gun.

Since the December 14 massacre in Connecticut that killed 20 first graders, school administrators have been very sensitive to child making references to guns or shooting – even during play.

A five-year-old girl in eastern Pennsylvania was suspended after she said she was going to shoot her friends with her Hello Kitty bubble gun.

A fifth grader was suspended after she pulled out a torn piece of paper and said it was a handgun.”



   Is it any wonder then that we can’t get to the moon or get the young adults out of their parent’s basements ? Imagine if this namby-pamby attitude had existed two hundred years ago … we’d still be British subjects . Could this current generation possibly stand up to the Nazis ? Not bloody likely … Between government and fear of lawyers the greatness and innovative spirit of this country is being ground under the boot of oppression . Welcome to the world of “mom jeans” and sissies .


A Piece of the First Thanksgiving






  ” Almost 400 years ago, a 20-year old cooper by the name of John Alden traversed the Atlantic on the good ship Mayflower. Along with his fellow travelers, Alden carried with him a collection of hopes, dreams, and a modified .66 caliber Italian single-shot wheellock carbine. That rifle, known as the Mayflower gun, now resides under glass here at the National Firearms Museum.

The Mayflower Gun could very well have been “one of the guns responsible for the first Thanksgiving,” says Senior Curator Doug Wicklund of the National Firearms Museum.

The rare Italian wheelock rifle is the first gem in the “Old Guns of the New World” gallery. It made quite a turkey gun, although it’s larger caliber made it a useful gun for deer and other game.

Alden brought the single-shot rifle to the Cape Cod region in 1620. Not one of the original congregation, Alden chose right from the start to stay in Plymouth Colony as one of the founders, rather than journey back across the Atlantic Ocean. “

Lindsey Stone Learns A Lesson About Respect


You Don’t Give Any , You Don’t Get Any


A sign commanding silence and respect at Arlin...



Her 15 minutes are up so we won’t run the idiotic photo that she posted again . Instead we run the one above . For those of you who may have missed it , her handiwork can be seen here .

” The Massachusetts woman at the center of the Facebook  photo scandal at Arlington Cemetery has been fired from her job at a Cape Cod business.

Lindsey Stone’s employer, Living Independently Forever (LIFE), issued a statement on their Facebook page on Wednesday announcing that they have released the two employees involved in the controversial incident.

“We wish to announce that the two employees recently involved in the Arlington Cemetery incident are no longer employees of LIFE. Again, we deeply regret any disrespect to members of the military and their families .