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“Everyone is suddenly waking up to the horrors of the “fiscal cliff” that arrives on January 1, 2013, but the real clear and present danger keeps getting misdiagnosed. It’s the taxes, not the spending.”

Here’s the cliff …

“[T]he cliff that could break the economy’s neck is the scheduled tax hikes. These include a tripling of the tax on dividends, a
near 60% increase in the capital gains rate, a 20% increase in personal income-tax rates that will hit small businesses, and the
repeal of tax breaks allowing businesses to write-off capital purchases. “

The facts about Ronald Reagan and tax hikes .

Ronald Reagan may have presided over the most significant tax reform effort in our nation’s
history, yet historical revisionists are attempting to besmirch that legacy — while using him as a
straw man against modern Republicans .
  Saying Ronald Reagan raised taxes is like saying Michael Jordan was a guy who struck out a lot — or that he was a failed baseball player: It’s
factually correct, but misleading, nonetheless.
    I’ve decided to examine Reagan’s tax cuts and tax increases in order to set the record straight and end this tomfoolery. “