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Secret Service Erased Tapes Of Latest White House Incident






” The Secret Service told members of Congress that the majority of the surveillance videos documenting the latest allegations of misconduct, a March 4 crash at the White House, have been erased and that the destruction of the tapes is standard operating procedure.

  Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy showed him two existing surveillance tapes of that night, when two Secret Service agents have been accused of bumping into a White House barricade while driving after a night of drinking, but they offered only severely limited views of the sequence of events that night.”


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Pedestrian Hit By Flying Buzzsaw In Midtown Manhattan



Manhattan %22Buzzsaw%22




” A woman walking past a crew tearing up a Manhattan street was struck by a flying buzzsaw Tuesday, police said.

  The construction company, which was doing work for the city, was tearing up the roadway to fix a water main at 48th Street and Ninth Avenue when the saw flew into the air.

  Matthew Bisi was walking by when the 3-foot blade “came shooting down the sidewalk.”

” I hear the blade and see the blade literally coming off the machine,” he said. “It was huge. It looked like it was from a horror flick. I couldn’t believe it.”

  It traveled about 100 feet before hitting a tree and then sliced into a woman “straight on,” according to Bisi.

” It took her right down, gashes on the side of the thigh,” he said. “The force of that coming in was pretty hard.” 


Below is the raw security camera footage from Ray & Frank Liquor Store








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Chinese Man Attacks Students With Knife, Injures 8


Shocking: This picture taken from a security video shows a cleaver-wielding attacker going on a rampage at a Chinese primary school in Macheng, in central China's province of Hubei



” A Chinese man with a kitchen knife attacked first- and second-graders at a school in central China on Tuesday, injuring eight children, local authorities said.

  The government of Macheng city in Hubei province said the man, identified as 35-year-old Chen Zuihang, was detained following the attack. It said on its website that police were investigating the motive.”

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Woman Critical After Bangalore ATM Machete Attack


Woman Attacked In ATM


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    A 44 year-old woman in India is fighting for her life after being savagely attacked by a machete wielding man while trying to do some banking at a neighborhood ATM . The whole sorry attack was caught on video . The suspect is still being sought .

” A woman was critical after an unidentified assailant attacked her Tuesday with a machete inside an automatic teller machine (ATM) kiosk in the city centre.

“The incident occurred when the assailant hit the victim, Jyothi Uday, 44, a manager in the Corporation Bank’s Mission Road branch, on the head with a machete inside her bank’s ATM kiosk and left her bleeding before disappearing with her cash (Rs.2,500) and mobile,” Deputy Commissioner of Police D.C. Rajappa told IANS here.”


    The woman was left to die inside the curtained kiosk , but was ultimately rescued by passersby who noticed blood running under the ATM door and out onto the sidewalk . Through the video the police were able to obtain a clear photo of the unmasked assailant which is being circulated throughout the area in hopes of apprehending the savage . 









CCTV Of Family Research Council Shooting

” On August 15. 2012 at 10:46 a.m., Floyd Corkins entered the lobby of Family Research Council armed with a loaded semi-automatic pistol, 100 rounds of ammunition, and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches. FRC building manager Leo Johnson was temporarily manning the front desk at our Washington headquarters when a now-confessed terrorist intent on killing everyone in the building entered with a handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition. As he drew his gun, Leo courageously charged the attacker into oncoming gunfire. Even after sustaining a direct hit to his forearm, he subdued the attacker and wrestled the gun away from him. 

Why did confessed terrorist Corkins choose Family Research Council as a target for his attack? In an FBI interrogation, Corkins admitted he found his target from the Southern Poverty Law Center’s list.”

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” A video showing a man sliding to his death in a sinkhole in the city of Shenzhen, a few kilometres north of Hong Kong, has been posted online.

CCTV footage shows 25-year-old security guard Yang Jiabin walking on a pavement holding an umbrella in the city’s Futian District before the ground opens under his feet.

Yang disappears into the hole, which reportedly measured five metres in diameter and 16 metres in depth.

Police arrive at the scene but Yang is, according to reports published later, already dead by this point.”