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Jessica Alba: Celebutard

Pledge Allegiance to Obama

  “We may never understand the celebrity love affair with Barack Obama, but nevertheless, they waste no time in making it known.  Where once we students proudly placed our hands over our hearts to respect our nation’s flag, over which millions of good folks have fallen in battle to defend …Jessica Alba now says that we should pledge allegiance to Obama.”

   By all means , let us take our election advice from airhead celebrities .

‘If you’re a woman,there is no way you can vote Republican.’

Since he doesn’t provide a lot of laughs for conservatives , today Bill (sexist pig) Maher can help provide some laughs from conservatives ….@ # BillMaherInFourWords

You know you won’t be able to resist a shot it one of the MSM’s biggest a…oles . Go to Twitchy for the complete story .

# BillMaherInFourWords
Obsessed with hot conservatives

Lost Travelocity gnome audition #

# BillMaherInFourWords
Obama’s million dollar c*nt. @