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Email Eruption: Hillary Hidden Emails Multiply By Ten





”  When Hillary Clinton tweeted yesterday in the midst of her latest scandal “I want the public to see my email,” did she mean all ten hidden accounts, or just hdr22@clintonmail.com, the only account to be outed before that tweet?  Now, thanks to a hacker, who seems not to have done anything illegal but use a piece of software, things have gone, shall we say, a little haywire:


  A prominent hacker tells Fox News’ James Rosen that Hillary Clinton appears to have established multiple email addresses for private use.

  Aides to the former secretary of state say she only used one private email while in office — hdr22@clintonemail.com. That domain name has been traced to a private Internet server in Clinton’s hometown of Chappaqua, N.Y. The server was registered in the name of Clinton’s former aide Eric Hothem a week before the Obama administration assumed office.

  Rosen’s hacker source employed a tool called “The Harvester” to search a number of data sources to look for references to the domain name Clintonemail.com. The source says it appears Clinton established multiple email addresses, including hdr@clintonemail.com, hdr18@clintonemail.com, hdr19@clintonemail.com, hdr20@clintonemail.com, and hrd21@clintonemail.com.

  Other email addresses include h.clinton@clintonemail.com, Hillary@clintonemail.com, contact@clintonemail.com, and mau_suit@clintonemail.com.

  It’s not clear whether Clinton used any or all of these email addresses. It’s also unclear whether her aides used them. “


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A Computer Generated Woman: As Good As The Real Thing?



” Advances in computer graphics, computing hardware, and raw artistic talent are leading to images that continually push the boundary of photo-realistic rendering. Even the most cutting edge images, however, are still limited with respect to their photo-realism.

Shown to the right is a recent award winning computer generated image by the artist Dan Roarty. Certain details of this image are particularly impressive (the eyes, lips, and skin). Other parts, however, are less photo-realistic. Have a look at the full resolution image here. Notice that although some of the hair at the top of the head looks quite realistic, the hair where it touches the chest looks less realistic. This is because, the modeling of hair remains challenging, particularly the dynamics of how hair hangs. “