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Footage Surfaces Of People Using Toes, Cats’ Paws And Nipples To Unlock The iPhone 5s




” It was heralded as a major step forward in smartphone security, grabbing the headlines when Apple unveiled its newest iPhone earlier this month.

Yet the fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5s has become the subject of stifled giggles after videos emerged showing users unlocking the handset with big toes, cats’ paws and even their own nipples.

Already questions have been raised about the security implications of the new technology after a group of German hackers claimed to have bypassed Apple’s TouchID by taking prints from a glass surface.

Throughout the weekend technology bloggers found weird and wonderful ways to use the sensor. Here are five of the weirdest, accompanied with video footage.”



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Apple’s iPhone 5S Fingerprint Scanner Hacked After Just TWO Days




” It took just two days and a small collection of everyday household items for a group of German hackers to bypass the fingerprint sensor on an Apple iPhone 5S. 

Chaos Computer Club, based in Berlin, took a high-resolution photograph of a fingerprint from the side of a glass. 

They then scanned it, before laser printing it onto a transparent sheet and covering it in woodglue. Once the glue had dried, they peeled off the print copy and pressed it on the scanner.”