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Refuse Service



” Six gun companies have announced plans to stop selling any of their products to any government agency in states that severely limit the rights of private gun ownership.

Disappointed with New York State lawmakers and other jurisdictions around the country who have passed strict gun control legislation, the companies—composed of firearm manufacturers, gunsmiths, and sporting goods retailers—have announced these policies in the past week.

Their various statements emphasize that such laws create a class of government employees with rights and and a class of citizens without rights. Thus, they refuse to aid the enforcement of such inequality.

The announcements read: … ”



Companies Knee Jerk Reaction To Gun Control Hysteria



Their actions are helpful in informing us where to conduct our future business . Ask Carbonite how well caving supports one’s business model .

Gun Owners of America

There are several corporations and companies that have decided that they will kow tow to the vocal hysteria of the gun control zealots.

Dick’s Sporting goods will no longer be selling sporting rifles at their locations.

Wal-Mart, while saying they will not be changing their inventory has removed the Bushmaster AR-15 from its website.

CheaperThanDirt.com has halted online sales of guns

Even non gun grabbing politicians are backing away from pro gun legislation.  Michigan Governor Rick Snyder picked political expediency over common sense by vetoing a bill that, if enacted in Connecticut, may have saved a number of lives.   The bill would have gotten rid of schools illusionary gun free zone status, thereby not disarming law abiding citizens and teachers from carrying on school grounds.  Considering that criminals and lunatics don’t adhere to the GFZ to begin with, how vetoing this bill does anything for the safety of…

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3-Gun Nation has Changed the Face of Action-shooting Sports and Cheaper Than Dirt is Supporting the Charge!



 ” Getting Started

If your blood is pumping and you’re ready to try your hand at 3-Gun, getting started is easy. “Just show up! That is the best way to get involved with 3-Gun. You don’t need the latest gear or modified guns.

According to Pete Brown, “The easiest way to get started is with borrowed gear or what you already have in your gun safe. If you have pistol, rifle and shotgun—great! If not, bring what you have. At any rate, when you are on the range there will be so many different people willing to let try a piece a gear or give you a tip—the helpful nature of the community is incredible. Then—after you have a shot a match or two—you’ll have a much better idea of what you need (or want) and you will be able to make an informed decision from there.”

Cheaper Than Dirt’s Clint Upchurch is abusing the steel targets at a recent 3-Gun Nation event.

“There are several great sources these days to find a place to shoot or match. Of course you can go to3GunNation.com and click “The Sport of 3-Gun,” then click the “Get Started” link. Once there, you’ll have access to a wealth of information including contact information for clubs in every state, “ said Brown. “

Gun Deal of the Day

RAAC MKA-1919 Semi Auto Shotgun 12 Gauge



” The Akdal MKA-1919 is semi-automatic, magazine fed, 12 gauge shotgun made in turkey by Ucyildiz Arms. Resembling an oversize AR-15 the MKA 1919 utilizes the M16 style safety selector, bolt release, magazine release and has a removable carry handle rear sight, making it the perfect companion shotgun for 3 gun, home defense and even hunting. 

The self regulating nature of the gas system enables the MKA 1919 lightweight shotgun to effortlessly run 2 3/4 and 3 inch shotshells, while not punishing the shooter with excessive recoil. The interchange choke tubes allow for versatility both in the target bay, in the field and in the home.”

Subject: 10 urgent preparations for possible riots after the Presidential election


(NaturalNews) by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger- You’ve probably seen the news all over the ‘net: If Romney wins the election on November 6, many Obama supporters plan to riot in the streets. A surprising number have announced their plans to “kill Romney” Simultaneously, FEMA has announced it is preparing for an event involving “mass casualties.”  Regardless of who you support in the coming election, the possibility of post-election riots is a reality. Here are 12 things you need to realize right now if you hope to stay safe should such an outcome unfold.

#1) The riots will likely occur in the inner cities. If at all possible, get out of the inner cities. In fact, you might want to think about moving out of the city altogether. Middle-class and upper-class suburbs will be safe, by the way. It’s mostly the inner cities that are likely to riot.

#2) The police will be almost instantly overwhelmed. Local peace officers are ridiculously short-staffed in cities all across the country, largely due to budget cuts. They have very little capacity to deal with any real outbreak of riots, so don’t expect calling 911 to have any impact at all.

#3) One of the greatest risks from riots is FIRES. Rioters love to set things on fire, as if burning down your own neighborhood is somehow an act of defiance against “The Man.” Even worse, rioters tend to shoot firearms at firemen who are trying to put out the fires. This causes firemen to evacuate the scene, after which fires burn out of control and do a lot more damage than they would have otherwise caused. The risk of fires spreading out of control in the inner city is surprisingly high.

#4) Innocent bystanders may be targeted with violence. Don’t be a “bystander” and you won’t be targeted (because you’re not around). The primary strategy is to simply not be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Posted by John Galt

…  Another Historic Sale

” In March 2012, James D. Julia Auctioneers conducted what is reportedly the largest grossing firearms auction in history. It was hard to imagine ever putting together another sale of such monumental proportions, but the recent October sale, which grossed almost $16 million certainly approached it.

Savage 99 TD Monarch Grade .303

One fine example was on the first day of the auction, which began with the second session of the Wes Adams Winchester Collection. Like those offered in Julia’s March auction, the participation was extraordinary. In fact, the crowd in attendance was one of the largest in recent years; many had come for the Adams’ Winchester and/or Savage Collection, both of which are considered to be the finest of its type ever offered at auction. Highlights included a fine 1860 Henry rifle; the piece de resistance of this Adams’ session, however, was, a spectacular cased, silver-plated and L.D. Nimschke engraved Model 1866. ”

Starting Your World War II Rifle Collection





Looking For Something For Under The Tree ?








  ” I’m not exactly sure when video games such as MW3 (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare® 3) replaced a Red Ryder under the tree on Christmas morning, but if you want to trigger the shooting spirit of a new shooter, the ISSC MK22 is the ticket. In fact, whether you are an operator looking for a new, low-recoil training toy or simply shopping around for something to put in a gun virgin’s hand for his or her first pop! pop! pop!, ISSC’s MK22 is exactly what you are looking for.

The MK22 is undoubtedly the love child of full-size combat rifle, scaled down in both price and caliber. Show a MK22 to an uninitiated fan of MW3 and they’ll likely spout off that it’s an FN-SCAR. Given the classic FN-style, folding stock and receiver outline, they’d almost be right, too. Although the pipe isn’t hammer-forged like the SCAR, the German made 16-inch precision match barrel does feature a 1:28 cut on the end to attach a muzzle break or flash suppressor, and the two guns have more than that in common.”

A Violence Tax ?

If You Own a Gun You Must be Violent!




  ” Whether or not you are violent, if you live in Cook County, Illinois (Chicago) you are set to be the subject of a new “Violence Tax.” Cook County Board President, Toni Preckwinkle, recently floated the proposal for a Violence Tax. This new and unwarranted tax seeks to target the sale of guns and ammunition sold in the City of Chicago and its suburbs.

Preckwinkle refuses to deliver any details other than guns and ammo would cost more. The reported purpose of the tax is to help plug the county’s $115 million budget gap.

Preckwinkle’s chief of staff, Kurt Summers, reportedly stated that the aim of the proposal was to curb the number of guns in circulation citing a report from last summer, which stated nearly one-third of the guns recovered on the Chicago’s streets were purchased in suburban gun shops.”

HaveBlue’s Creation

The World’s First 3D-Printed Gun


  ” An American gunsmith has become the first person to construct and shoot a pistol partly made out of plastic, 3D-printed parts. The creator, user HaveBlue from the AR-15 forum, has reportedly fired 200 rounds with his part-plastic pistol without any sign of wear and tear. “




While this pistol obviously wasn’t created from scratch using a 3D printer, the interesting thing is that the lower receiver — in a legal sense at least — is what actually constitutes a firearm. Without a lower receiver, the gun would not work; thus, the receiver is the actual legally-controlled part.

  ” In short, this means that people without gun licenses — or people who have had their licenses revoked — could print their own lower receiver and build a complete, off-the-books gun. What a chilling thought.

But hey, that’s the ambivalent nature of technology, the great enabler. In just the last few months, 3D printers have also been used to print organs, blood vessels, and drugs. In a few more years, when 3D printers move beyond plastic resins, who knows what we’ll be able to print. “


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Bugout Bag Must Have

Cheaper Than Dirt



A great addition to the trunk of your car . 

Ultimate Duck Call Kit






  ” Learning to call ducks is not as hard as you think. Every great duck caller had to start somewhere and now it’s your turn. I received my first lesson from Buck Gardner, a Champion of Champion duck caller.

One of the first things Buck recommended was finding ducks at a local pond or park. A little bread or birdseed and you’ll have the best how-to-talk-duck instructor in the world. In fact, you are likely to have several.”

A Buyer’s Guide to the AK Family of Rifles




  ” This article is intended to help the first time AK buyer get the necessary information to make an informed purchase of an AK-47 or AK-74 rifle.

This is not for the current AK owner and collector, and as such, you may feel unchallenged by this information. That’s OK. We still love to have you here. Feel free to read along with us anyway.


Here, we are only talking about purchasing the civilian legal semi-automatic version of the “Automatic Kalashnikov Model 47″ or AK-47, which can go by many trade names and designations, but is still a rose by any other name.

Today’s semi-automatic AK market is flooded with Kalashnikovs ranging from marginal to excellent quality. You may find that the deciding factor is your “hip-pocket national bank” (your wallet). We can work with you as well as the guy with deep pockets who is ready to buy but just needs a push in the right direction. Let’s begin. “

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Firearm of the Week, MG42

Cheaper Than Dirt



Machine Gun of 1942 MG42


   ” The need arose on the battlefield for an easily transportable machine gun to compliment the German Blitzkrieg, a new type of warfare. The High Command placed the MG30, which had promise, into the hands of the artist Paul Mauser. This resulted in the Machine Gun of 1934, or MG34. However, as with most German weapons of that era, it was complicated and it did not react well to dust. Can you say Tiger Tank?

The lock of the MG34 was so complex and required such fine manufacturing tolerances that it was prone to wear down in dirty and dusty environments. This would cause a catastrophic and permanent failure. However, it still was a very successful weapon and it was instrumental through out the Second World War. Nevertheless, a better weapon was waiting in the wings.

That weapon would be the Maschinengewehr 42 Machine Gun of 1942 or just the MG42. The allies in World War II feared no single weapon more. It possessed an unbelievable rate of fire—around 1,200 to 1,500 rounds per minute! “


Cheaper Than Dirt

The Definitive List of 2012’s Top Five AR-15s

BCM_M4 Carbine Mod2

The Legend that was Jeff Cooper

Cheaper Than Dirt on Jeff Cooper 

  “Along with John Moses Browning, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Eugene Stoner, Dan Shideler, and Elmer Keith, another man made huge waves in the firearms community with his life’s work. If you are new to the gun world, or if you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t bothered to learn read up on some history, let me clue you on whom I’m talking about. Most gun experts recognize Jeff Cooper as the father of the Modern Technique of handgun shooting, and one of the 20th century’s foremost international experts on the use and history of small arms.”

Jeff Cooper

Uh Oh !

Cheaper Than Dirt

“Survival Tip: When shooting, always wear hearing and vision protection. You never know when things could go awry”

And don’t forget to remove your bore sighter BEFORE you shoot . 

Cheaper Than Dirt

WWII Snipers

Cheaper Than Dirt

“Of the top ten deadliest snipers of World War II, all but one were from the former Soviet Union. Those nine combined kills totaled 4,074. The rifle of choice, the Mosin Nagant (Винтовка Мосина). Remember that the next time someone laughs at your Mosin. What was the second best sniper rifle of WWII?”


Ammo Deal … 9mm … $10 per Box

Cheaper Than Dirt 


Gun of the Day

The Overlooked CZ 75


CZ 75

  “I like gun stores. I like being in them, browsing through them, and buying from them. Trust me, I do plenty of business outside of my workplace, just as my competition does with us. In a recent trip to look at some handguns, I saw a new guy working behind the counter. I was curious about his recommendations and told him I was looking for a full-size duty pistol chambered in 9mm. He showed me the usual GlocksSpringfield XDs, and Smith & Wesson M&Ps. When I mentioned that I was possibly looking for something in the double-action/single-action family, he walked me right past the CZ 75s and straight to the Beretta 92s. When I asked him about the CZs, he said, “Oh, you wouldn’t want one of those, nobody ever comes in asking about them anymore.” “

Arms and the Private Citizen

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