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Illinois Continues Gun Confiscation



” A recent article from the Chicago Sun Times tells us that Cook County Sheriffs are continuing the fine tradition of Illinois gun grabs by going door-to-door confiscating firearms from people who have expired FOID cards. Every Illinois gun owner is required to have a “Firearms Owners Identification Card” to own a firearm. If a gun owner lets the 10 year expiration date pass without renewal, they’re now illegally in possession of firearms. They won’t get a friendly reminder, instead they will hear jack boots kicking their door in to forcibly separate them from their Constitutionally protected personal property.

Think about how many times in your life you have let your drivers license expire unintentionally…

For about a decade now Chicago CAGE units have been compiling a list of gun owners. CAGE is a catchy acronym for “Chicago Anti-Gun Enforcement” and is a joint venture between the Chicago Police and the Illinois State Police. As their name implies, they exist solely to enforce gun control laws and to harass Illinois gun owners. It also appears they’re responsible for keeping a registry of Illinois gun owners.”






Time For That ‘National Conversation’ About Chicago: 11 Shot, Three Dead Today




” Who knows, maybe we’re just spitting in the wind wondering why the media continues to ignore the daily bloodbath in Barack Obama’s hometown. It’s completely out of control but doesn’t help the Obama agenda to notice it, apparently.

A 15-year-old girl and two men are dead, and at least eight other people were wounded by gunfire throughout the city Tuesday, police said.”





John Kerry To Be Announced As New Secretary of State




” According to the Sun Times, sources are saying that Obama has chosen the Massachusetts Senator to replace outgoing Secretary Hillary Clinton. It was widely speculated that Kerry would get the nod after Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, removed her name from consideration earlier this week.”


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The Truth About Guns 

  ” “Dawoud Zoubeidi has done the pro-gun crowd no favor,” the anti-gun Chicago Sun Times editorialist begins. “When Zoubeidi raced out of his Calumet City clothing store and fired three shots at a fleeing thief, he played right into the fear of every opponent of looser gun laws who worries about Wild West shoot-em-ups.” Uh-oh. “Zoubeidi fired a .40-caliber handgun. A bullet from a .40-caliber can travel a mile. Zoubeidi is lucky he didn’t hit an innocent shopper or child.” True dat. “Now, almost two years after the incident, Zoubeidi is about to stand trial on felony weapons charges, and we’re bracing for the predictable outrage from the NRA. Surely they will rally to his defense, right?” Don’t call me Shirley. “Actually, no.” I’m confused . . .”