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Merry Effing Christmas To Us All Courtesy Of Left-Wing Chicanery 




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What A Moron …


… Lindsey Stone 



 ” Is it her employer’s fault that she’s a moron? No – it’s not. And perhaps she’s super awesome at taking care of disabled people. Perhaps firing her isn’t appropriate. I don’t know. I just know that she deserves every ounce of public humiliation and ridicule that is coming her way. Especially since she is still excusing her own behavior.

OBVIOUSLY you meant no disrespect, Lindsey?  OBVIOUSLY?  No.  “

Ok, Liberal Women. I’ve Tried To Explain This In Really Simple Terms So Even YOU Will Understand It.

” If you’re on our facebook page ever, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been absolutely bombarded with liberals lately.  They’re in epic panic mode now that the election is just a day away, and their hysteria is at an all time high.

Case in point.  Leslie Vaughn wrote this in response to the post/picture I put up last night about liberal feminists.

She had so many talking points in it I thought it might be a good idea to address each one in the same post, so that perhaps these misguided, misinformed, mistaken women might learn something. (I know, not likely, but I wanted to at least give it the old college try.)

  1. “Support contraception!” Leslie says.  Newsflash, Leslie.  Many many many conservatives DO support contraception.  We have nothing against it.  In fact, I consider contraception to be sort of a hallmark of one of the basic guiding principles of conservatism – which is TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  You want to have sex and not get pregnant?  Protect yourself.  It’s really simple.  What we do NOT support, is forcing others to pay for your desire to have sex.  Which leads me to Leslie’s next talking point. “

  We reported on this yesterday but are happy to report that it is gaining the attention of the big boys in the media … To wit …

” Facebook took the graphic down twice on the ground that it violated their terms of service, but it is now back up on the SOS site. The Washington Post’s Erik Wemple casts a gimlet eye on Facebook’s actions as well as on its failure to give an honest account of its actions. Wemple also purports to to subject the graphic to a fact check — although he does a good impersonation of the fact-checking breed, did he really have to? — and here he is way over his head. But he brooks none of Facebook’s bs and recognizes there’s a story here.”

Nice Job,Facebook


” Over the weekend, Facebook took down a message by the Special Operations Speaks PAC (SOS) which highlighted the fact that Obama denied backup to the forces being overrun in Benghazi. “

That’s Going To Leave A Mark.



 ” According to this, an Ohio gasteroenterologist by the name of Dr. Farid Naffah has been running GIANT 2000-word full-page newspaper ads in some local papers to explain the total suckage of Obamacare.

And he will likely continue to run them riiiiiight up to election day, which I think is a big pile of awesomesauce.

40+ other docs have signed on in support, and support continues to grow.  Naffah told the Daily Caller, “The people know us here. We are the physicians of the community. When people look at an article like this, the first thing they look at is who signed it. And when people see our names, they recognize them. People tend to trust their doctors.”

You can and should read the entire ad right here.  But here are some choice excerpts: “

I Forgot …

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