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Oregon Man Arrested After Allegedly Talking About Guns On Bus




” On Tuesday, 41-year-old Patrick O’Brien Nolin found himself on the wrong side of the law after he allegedly spoke about having a loaded gun on a bus in Portland, Ore., KATU reported.

  According to KATU, a TriMet bus driver reportedly overheard Nolin allegedly talking about being armed, and contacted police.

  As officers approached the bus, they received reports that Nolin’s alleged weapon was “cocked and loaded.”

  Even though Nolin did not have a gun, he was arrested anyway, and taken to the Multnomah County Jail on a charge of Interfering With Public Transportation, a Class A misdemeanor.”


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Bradley Manning Trial ‘Dangerous’ For Civil Liberties – Experts




” The trial of Bradley Manning, the US soldier who leaked a trove of state secrets to WikiLeaks, could set an ominous precedent that will chill freedom of speech and turn the internet into a danger zone, legal experts have warned.

Of the 21 counts faced by the army private on Monday, at his trial at Fort Meade in Maryland, by far the most serious is that he knowingly gave intelligence information to al-Qaida by transmitting hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the open information website WikiLeaks. The leaked disclosures were first published by the Guardian and allied international newspapers.”





” Laurence Tribe, a Harvard professor who is considered to be the foremost liberal authority on constitutional law in the US and who taught the subject to President Barack Obama, told the Guardian that the charge could set a worrying precedent. He said: “Charging any individual with the extremely grave offense of ‘aiding the enemy’ on the basis of nothing beyond the fact that the individual posted leaked information on the web and thereby ‘knowingly gave intelligence information’ to whoever could gain access to it there, does indeed seem to break dangerous new ground.”