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Ted Cruz Wins SOTU Postgame With ‘More Cowbell! More Cowbell!’





” Megyn Kelly asked Sen. Ted Cruz if he thinks President Obama was setting the stage for the next presidential candidate.

“ Oh, I think he was trying to and he hopes that the next candidate engages in the same far-left policies. This is a man of the left,” Cruz said.

“ You know, it reminds me of the classic Saturday Night Live skit with Christopher Walken, where there’s a band playing and his solution to every problem is ‘More cowbell! More cowbell!’” Cruz said. “For President Obama ‘More cowbell’ is ‘More taxes! More government!More taxes! More government!’” “







” Kelly laughed and said, “The audience knows!” She said the focus group in the studio “is familiar with the skit.” The camera cut to the laughing audience.

“ It’s the same failed policies that don’t work and we ought to come together. Economic growth is a bipartisan objective and I think Congress needs to lead,” Cruz continued.”


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Daily Comedy 9.5.14

Walken By Kevin Pollak



Uploaded on Aug 8, 2007

” Recording of a Christopher Walker Impersonator Kevin Pollak, appearing on the radio on 2 different occasions.”

Christopher Walken Dance Now




Published on Mar 18, 2014

A dance music video, starring the one and only Christopher Walken. Compiled and edited by Ben Craw.

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Daily Comedy 3.6.14

Saturday Night Live – More Cowbell




The Classic In It’s Entirety


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