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The Examiner Announces Their Awards For The Most Notable Displays Of Gall





” Happy New Year to all Washington Examiner readers.

  And since it is a new year, that means it’s time to hand out my annual Chutzpah Awards for the year that just ended.

  Chutzpah is defined as gall or audacity taken to the nth level. The classic and ultimate example of chutzpah is supposed to be the guy that murdered both his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court on the grounds that he was an orphan.

  This year’s list is a short one, but that doesn’t mean the winners are any less deserving. So, without further ado, here are the 2013 Chutzpah Award winners.

  Fifth runner-up: Rapper Kanye West, for basically proclaiming himself the greatest entertainer in the universe, combining his name and Jesus Christ’s name to proclaim his tour “Yeezus” and embracing the Confederate flag as his own.

  West, for those that don’t know, is African-American. The Confederate States of America, in that nation’s constitution, enshrined, specifically, “negro slavery” and made its existence all but inviolable.”



Go to the Examiner to see the champion and the other runners-up .









  This whole business is just too ridiculous to parody . It puts one to mind of People’s Republics , Dear Leaders , and giving one’s first born to the State .

“It’s summer, so we’re right in the middle of wedding season, where brides schedule their big day when the weather will be most likely to
cooperate. There is so much to do — planning the food, the reception venue, how to keep fueding relations separated by the seating chart — that a whole industry has evolved to take some of the burden off of the happy harried couple.