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Paul Krugman: NRA Is ‘An Insane Organization’





” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman on Sunday once again perfectly illustrated the intolerance of America’s liberal media.

Appearing on ABC’s This Week, he said the National Rifle Association is – and I quote! – “an insane organization” (video follows with transcript and commentary):



NRA President Says Anti-Gun Advocates Threatened To Kill Son, Daughter [VIDEO]




” In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, NRA President David Keene said anti-gun advocates have made threats against his son and daughter in the wake of the deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

Newtown Father Speaks Out On Gun Laws

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Give If You Can

Allen West 

” Murphy supporters are stealing & vandalizing signs. Help buy more signs & fight back:”

Via Big Government we have this fine example of democratic civility in action.

  First it was Bush’s head on a pike and now we have MSNBC running videos of buses exploding in a piece about Romney and his six state bus tour . The water carriers of democratic media complex must be very worried to be pulling out the stops this early in the game . What , pray tell , will they have in store for us come October ?

   “In fact, I think the network will be immunized a bit from any outcry on this precisely because it ran on Bashir’s show rather than someone else’s. He’s already set the bar so cloddishly low that no one can honestly say they’re surprised. Call it “the Bill Maher effect.” Exit question: More or less offensive than Bush’s head on a pike in “Game of Thrones”?”

Charles Lane :

“Will there be apologies from those who toted posters depicting him as Hitler? Any second thoughts from, say, Conor Oberst, the leader of Bright Eyes, the indie rock band, who called Walker a “fucking Nazi,” and urged his audience to “every day egg his fucking house.”

I would like to ask Gerald McEntee, the leader of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union, if it was a bit excessive to call Walker’s budget reforms “an attack on the freedoms of every Wisconsin citizen”?

Now that Walker has been freely and peacefully elected — again — does Harold Meyerson regret writing that Walker’s policies represented “a throwback to 19th-century America, when strikes were suppressed by force of arms. Or, come to think of it, to Mubarak’s Egypt or communist Poland and East Germany.” How about Katrina vanden Heuvel? She, too, pushed the Cairo analogy, asserting that the fight in Wisconsin was “about basic democratic rights and the balance of power in America.” “