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I-Team: Collector Car Owners Experience Daylight Nightmare






” A Washington couple says they were falsely arrested by the Nevada Highway Patrol for stealing a collector car they actually owned.

  The highway patrol admitted two errors that led to Robin and Beverly Bruins being removed from their car at gunpoint. And, now, the highway patrol is facing a lawsuit.

  As the I-Team learned, it all began with confusion over a license plate on a classic car. A highway patrol dash camera recorded a trooper stating over a loudspeaker: “Driver! Remove your keys from the ignition and put them on the roof now!”

  From that point Robin Bruins and his wife experienced a daylight nightmare when the senior citizens found themselves looking down the barrels of police pistols.”


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Peking To Paris Classic Car Rally 2013: Highs And Lows



” Michelle Jana Chan reflects on the highs and lows of her Peking-to-Paris Motor Challenge, as one of the world’s toughest classic car rallies reaches its end tomorrow.”




Scariest moment?

” I do not think I was ever scared for our safety but there were many times I was afraid for the well-being of Shiner, our 1940 Ford Coupe. The worst moment was on Day 6 (Ulaan Baatar to Bulgan, Mongolia) when we ended up driving through a marsh. We had to keep up our speed — to prevent us getting bogged down — but that meant violently porpoising for a hundred metres. We knew the suspension was being smashed to pieces — and we were right. That incident set us back from lead position to sixth yet we feel like we got off lightly.”



Friendliest people/crowd?

” Definitely the Russians. There was spontaneous cheering, thumbs-ups and blasts of car horns wherever we went.”