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Woman Shoots & Kills Man In Gas Station, Takes Pictures Of Body On Phone – CAUGHT ON TAPE


SE Houston Shooting


” A woman shot and killed a man at a Houston gas station.

Not only was the incident recorded on the gas station’s security camera — the woman also captured it on her own cellphone.

The unidentified female got a .22-cal rifle out of the back of her truck and threateningly pointed it at the victim, 58-year-old Louis Daniel, before shooting. The man only had a pocketknife and umbrella.”

Video: Chinese Official Misses Plane, Trashes Airport In Rage

” A video showing Yan Linkum, a Chinese Communist official, losing his temper and trashing an airport boarding gate in rage after missing his flight has emerged online

Aiport surveillance cameras captured Mr Yan and his wife trying to board a plane at Changshui International Airport. But officials told them they had missed the plane. Mr Yan loses his temper, pushes angrily at the doors and then waves a finger threateningly at an airport employee. His anger boils over and he begins ripping out computers on the steward’s desk and smashing them on the ground while the steward scrambles for safety.”

Beware The Flying Sharks

Caught on camera: Moment 33-ton Aquarium Bursts In Shopping Centre, Showering Crowds With LIVE SHARKS And Shards Of Glass


” This is the shocking moment a 33-ton glass shark tank suddenly burst leaving 15 people injured by flying shards of broken glass and a torrent of water.

The tank was an attraction at the entrance to the Shanghai Orient shopping centre in China’s second city when it shattered without warning on December 19.

Eight of those hurt were customers and the rest were shop assistants and security staff. They mostly suffered deep cuts and bruises from sheets of broken glass. “