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No, North Korea Didn’t Hack Sony






” The FBI and the President may claim that the Hermit Kingdom is to blame for the most high-profile network breach in forever. But almost all signs point in another direction.
  So, “The Interview” is to be released after all.

  The news that the satirical movie—which revolves around a plot to murder Kim Jong-Un—will have a Christmas Day release as planned, will prompt renewed scrutiny of whether, as the US authorities have officially claimed, the cyber attack on Sony really was the work of an elite group of North Korean government hackers.

  All the evidence leads me to believe that the great Sony Pictures hack of 2014 is far more likely to be the work of one disgruntled employee facing a pink slip.

  I may be biased, but, as the director of security operations for DEF CON, the world’s largest hacker conference, and the principal security researcher for the world’s leading mobile security company, Cloudflare, I think I am worth hearing out. “



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Spam War Causes Giant Cyber Attack, Global Web Traffic Affected




” Anti-spam group Spamhaus has been hit by one of the largest distributed denial of service cyber attacks ever recorded.

The security firm that mitigated the attack, Cloudflare, reported seeing a marked escalation in the attack’s tenacity after initially mitigating the threat on 20 March.

“On Monday, March 18, 2013 Spamhaus contacted CloudFlare regarding an attack they were seeing against their website spamhaus.org. They signed up for CloudFlare and we quickly mitigated the attack,” it said.

“The attackers were quiet for a day. Then, on March 22 at 18:00 UTC, the attack resumed, peaking at 120Gbit/s per second of traffic hitting our network.”

The company said that while it did not detect a 300Gbit/s per second level attack, it had received reports of an attack on that scale from partners.

“While we don’t have direct visibility into the traffic loads they saw, we have been told by one major Tier 1 provider that they saw more than 300GB per second of attack traffic related to this attack. That would make this attack one of the largest ever reported.” “