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Super Bowl Half Time Extravaganza


SNL Super Bowl Extravaganza









The US Men’s Heterosexual Figure Skating Championships



SNL Opening 1.25.14





” In light of the anti-gay controversy surrounding the Sochi Olympics, the U.S. committee presents the U.S. Men’s Heterosexual Figure Skating Championships.”









Piers Morgan Cold Open



SNL Cold Opening Piers Morgan




” Piers Morgan examines a series of recent scandals including Bridgegate, Alex Rodriguez’s lawsuits and the Justin Bieber egging incident.”









Kenan asks the panel : “What would it take for Barack to lose your support” ? … Answer: LOL …




SNL How's He doing ?





    The show also tackles it’s own lack of diversity with a skit that has host Kerry Washington playing multiple roles in a single skit necessitating some awkward wardrobe changes due to the lack of black women cast members even as there are enough white males to provide six Matthew McConaugheys .



SNL Michelle Obama Oprah


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SNL Cold Open Spoofs MSNBC’s ‘Politics Nation’ Host Al Sharpton






” On the cold open of Saturday’s broadcast of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Kenan Thompson impersonated of MSNBC “Politics Nation” host Al Sharpton, in a clip that also parodied Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.

Thompson’s Sharpton fumbled his way through the show, proclaiming the tea party to be perturbed by the ‘irs,’ meaning the IRS, and previewed a clip of what was supposed to be Sen. Mitch McConnell, but wound up being Matthew McConaughey on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show talking about eating sushi.

Also appearing was Jason Sudeikis playing Post scribe Milbank, whose first name Thompson’s Sharpton disapproved of.”