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On Berlin Wall Anniversary, Somber Notes Amid Revelry







” It was the morning after the best party ever, the tumult and joy that marked the fall of the Berlin Wall on Nov. 9, 1989. After 28 years, East Berliners were giddy with marvel that they could now visit the West.

  Günter Taubmann felt different, as if, he said, “I am in the wrong movie.” Eight years earlier, his only child, Thomas, had been killed trying to cross the wall, one of 138 people who died at the barrier erected by the Communists in 1961 to stop Germans streaming out of the poor, repressive East.”

Here is a video that details the history of the wall from construction to destruction:

” Now, someone at work had been to the West and back during that magical night, and was telling the tale. Mr. Taubmann’s Communist colleagues professed to be exultant over the end of the order they had long espoused. Workmates who had not mourned Thomas at the time of his death were suddenly solicitous.

“ I didn’t know what they wanted from me, and then they started, ‘What bad luck! Your son could have waited,’ ” Mr. Taubmann recounted, his voice edgy with sarcasm. “I am normally a calm person, but there I got in such a fury. I simply threw them all out. ‘Just get out of my room.’ ” “

NY Times has much more on this historic anniversary

U-2 In HD



      52 years ago this week , the U-2 spy plane took photos of Russian missiles being installed in Cuba thus initiating the “Cuban Missile Crisis ” and bringing the world as close to nuclear annihilation as it has ever come .

FNC Shows Flashback To Obama Ridiculing Romney: ‘1980s Are Calling To Ask for Their Foreign Policy Back’






” Bret Baier opened a panel segment on his show Friday night with a flashback to President Barack Obama’s snide ridiculing, of Mitt Romney’s now seeming prescient concern about Russia’s “geo-political” threat, during the October 22, 2012 presidential debate. “The 1980s are now calling to ask for their foreign policy back because, you know, the cold war has been over for 20 years,” Obama lectured.”


     Newsbusters has the story on Obama’s Delphian foreign policy and does Obama really want to talk about economic policies ? The “twenties” are here again in economics and to a large degree the social divides of the “fifties” have been re-instated by Barack as well . Who knew progressives were so set on bringing back the past ? I thought the conservatives were supposed to be the dinosaurs .









The Blaze Offers This Video On Project Greek Island





   More about this fascinating piece of history can be read here , here , here and here . Below is the introduction to a brochure from the Greenbriar Resort that explains the history of the formerly secret bunker . 

” The former U.S. Government Relocation Facility was a
top secret of the Cold War designed to accommodate both
the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives in the event
of a national emergency. 

  Planned by the Eisenhower Administration, in
cooperation with the leadership of the United States
Congress, the facility was built under The Greenbrier
between 1958 and 1961. Once completed, it was
maintained in a state of constant readiness by a small cadre
of government employees working as Forsythe Associates.
During the life of the facility, continual updating of
communications and other equipment and recycling of
supplies was affected, so that the facility was always in a
current full-operation status.

   The secrecy of its location, paramount to the facility’s
effectiveness, was maintained for more than 30 years
until May 31, 1992, when The Washington Post
published a story effectively exposing it.
The day after the story was published, the facility
began to be phased out, a procedure that was finalized
in July 1995 with the termination of the lease between
the U.S. Government and The Greenbrier.

  During the phase-out period, almost all of the
equipment and furnishings were removed from the
shelter and reassigned to government facilities
around the country.

  The former U.S. Government Relocation Facility is
a protected substructure (bunker) buried 720 feet into
the hillside under the West Virginia Wing of the hotel.
It is surrounded by ceiling and walls that are three- to
five-feet thick reinforced concrete. In addition, there
is 20 to 60 feet of dirt cover between the substructure
and the West Virginia Wing.

  The facility has four entrances, each protected by a
large steel and concrete door designed to withstand a
modest nuclear blast approximately 15-30 miles away,
and to prevent radioactive fallout from entering the
facility when it is sealed off.

  Both the West and East (Exhibit Hall) Entrances
are vehicular tunnels into the facility; a third entrance
is through the Exhibit Hall Foyer, and the fourth is a
vertical point of entry deep within the power plant.
Included in the facility are 44 separate locations
with 153 rooms making up a total of 112,544 square
feet on two levels.”






The resort is still in operation as it has been since the days of the Revolution and it’s website can be found here .









Russian Bombers Buzz U.S. Territory — Again






” Russian strategic bombers conducted flights near the U.S. defense zone close to northern Alaska and the Aleutian Islands last week, Moscow’s latest incident of nuclear saber-rattling against the United States, according to defense and military officials.

Two Bear H nuclear-capable bombers were detected flying into the military’s Alaska Air Defense Identification Zone near the Aleutians, where a strategic-missile-defense radar is located, and along Alaska’s North Slope by the Arctic and Chukchi seas on April 28 and 29, military officials told the Washington Free Beacon.

Lt. Cmdr. Bill Lewis, a spokesman with the U.S. Northern Command, confirmed a U.S. fighter intercept of the bombers but declined to provide details.

“Two U.S. F-22’s from Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska, were launched and visually identified Russian aircraft on the night of April 28, as the Russian air force flew standard out-of-area flights near Alaska,” Lt. Cmdr. Lewis said. The bombers did not enter U.S. airspace, he said.




     What ever happened to that new beginning in our relations with the Russians and all of that talk of “Smart Diplomacy” ?



” It was the fifth incident of Russian strategic bombers flying against the United States since June, when bombers were intercepted near Alaska during a large-scale strategic nuclear exercise that Russian military officials said involved practice strikes against U.S. missile defense sites in Alaska.

Less than a month later, on July 4, two more Bears flew the closest to the Northern California coast that Russian aircraft have flown since the days of the Cold War.

Then in February, two Bears circled Guam, a U.S. territory and key military hub in the Pacific. Additionally, Backfire strategic bombers flew simulated strikes against U.S. missile defenses and bases in Japan last month.”

Putin must have forgotten Obama’s promise to have more “leeway” after the election . 









Wisconsin Family Discovers Fully-Stocked Fallout Shelter In Their Back Yard 50 Years After It Was Installed At The Height Of The Cold War


Preserved: The previous owner of the shelter packed away candies, raisins, Hershey's syrup and other sweets - likely as treats to get through the long weeks underground


” For more than a decade after they moved into their house in Neenah, Wisconsin, the Zwick family knew they had a Cold War bunker in their backyard. 

It was not until 2010 that anyone thought to open the heavy steel hatch, climb down the ladder and explore the 8-foot-by-10-foot chamber that the home’s previous owner had built to protect his family from a nuclear attack. 

Floating in five feet of water that had seemed into the bunker were sealed U.S. Army boxed packed with all of the supplies a family would need to survive two weeks underground.

‘We assumed it was just this empty space,’ homeowner Carol Hollar-Zwick told the Appleton Post-Crescent

The boxes, old military ammunition crates, contained markings that suggested there might be explosives inside, so the family called the local branch of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. 

Agents opened the crates to find… Hawaiian Punch.

‘It was all of what you would expect to find in a 1960s fallout shelter. It was food, clothing, medical supplies, tools, flashlights, batteries – items that you would want to have in a shelter if you planned to live there for two weeks.’

Everything remained remarkably well-preserved, thanks to the airtight containers the supplies were kept in. 

The family donated all of the items to the Neenah Historical Society, which has curated an exhibit about the Cold War and the fear of the Soviets using ‘the bomb.'”







Margaret Thatcher, The “Iron Lady” Of British Politics, Is Dead




” Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister and uncompromisingly conservative “Iron Lady” of the 1980s, has died. She was 87.

She died following a stroke.

“We’ve lost a great leader, a great prime minister and a great Briton,” Prime Minister David Cameron said.

Thatcher suffered a series of minor strokes in recent years. She rarely appeared in public after doctors forbade her from talking to large groups in 2002 for health reasons. But she continued to meet and dine privately with old friends in recent years who guarded details of her health and condition.

Thatcher was one of the most recognizable political figures of the second half of the 20th century. She was a political soulmate of conservative U.S. President Ronald Reagan, with whom she stood shoulder to shoulder against communism in the twilight decade of the Cold War.

Her free-market policies rolled back decades of state socialism in Britain and ushered in what her fellow “Thatcherite” conservatives say was an era of prosperity that endured until recently.”









Dolphins Armed With Guns Escape Ukrainian Military Compound

” Dolphins armed with guns allegedly escaped from a Ukrainian Navy staging area and are now roaming the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea.

The marine mammals were said to be part of a revived Cold War-era program where dolphins are trained for military use such as fighting and killing frogmen-saboteurs, searching for mines, and scouting and even destroying enemy battleships, according to a Russian news agency.

More Here :

Dolphins Armed with Pistols

” Sounds like something out of a bad James Bond movie. The Ukrainian navy is training captive dolphins to attack enemy swimmers. According to RIA Novosti:

The killer-dolphins will be trained to attack enemy combat swimmers using special knives or pistols fixed to their heads, the source said. “We are now planning training exercises for counter-combat swimmer tasks in order to defend ships in port and on raids,” he said.”

There are all manner of rumors about how dolphins are or have been employed by the Navy. They include:

  • Training dolphins to pull face masks off of divers and force them to the surface.
  • Arming them with .45 caliber bang sticks.
  • Arming them with large hypodermic syringes loaded with CO2 gas that would cause an enemy diver to explode.

… as well as having them attach mines to enemy ships.

There are also reports, like this one from the BBC, that some dolphins from the Soviet era have been sold to Iran.”

And Here : 

Heavily Armed Sex Crazed Dolphins On Rampage In Black Sea

” Worrying news today for any Register readers who may be in the neighbourhood of the Black Sea, as news has emerged that three elite Ukrainian navy killer dolphins, possibly armed with deadly weapons attached to their heads, have gone absent without leave in the region, apparently intent on nookie.

As all habitués of these pages will know, the Ukrainian navy possesses one of just two military dolphin formations worldwide (the other belongs to the US navy), having inherited it during the division of the former Soviet Black Sea fleet. Since the end of the Cold War, the combat cetaceans had mostly been employed on peaceful duties: but last year news emerged that the battle-bottlenoses would be trained up once more in warlike missions such as the laying or hunting of mines – or even attacking enemy frogmen using “knives or pistols” attached to their heads.”


 Air Force Missile Site 8 – That Nearly Began World War 3







 ” Retired top-secret installations are nothing short of jaw-dropping, and this one is nothing short of that. This top secret facility was also once known as Titan II ICBM Site 571-7because of the massive Titan II missile that it housed inside of it.

Located about 15 miles south of Tucson, this large 8 level installation is now a museum. During the time of its operation it was one of the most important missile sites. ”