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Animated Infographic Shows How A Handgun Works





” Check out this animated infographic that shows all the inner working of a 1911 .45 handgun. Thanks to Jacob O’Neal at Animagraffs.com for creating this educational and well-designed animation. “




    Be sure to see the rest here . Every step is animated in detail , chambering a round , pulling the trigger , cartridge ejection , safeties , ammunition and magazine feeding . All animated and all very well detailed . Cool stuff .







Off-Grid Community ‘The Citadel Project’ Gets Thumbs Up To Manufacture Firearms


Citadel layout concept




” A company called III Arms has just received ATF approval to manufacture firearms. Setting up a gun manufacturer is just a small part of III Arms’ plan, which is to establish a completely self-sufficient community in the mountains of Idaho.

It will be called “The Citadel” and include a walled urban center—10 feet thick by 20 feet high and four miles long—surrounded by rural plots for farming. It is, to turn a phrase, a planned prepper community.

Despite being armed and armored, the Citadel isn’t being made to defend its people from military or government action, rather, it’s intended to be a safe haven for forward-thinkers to weather a social, economic or environmental collapse. It is at the leading edge of anti-establishment living, but it “is not designed to withstand any direct .mil or .gov attack. Nor is the Citadel, in any manner, attempting to provoke any government entity,” according to the project FAQ.

III Arms began taking pre-orders for AR-15 rifles and 1911 handguns last November anticipating the FFL. Both have pre-order prices of $1,550, reflecting the difficulty of making small batches of firearms and current market trends.”

This is a giant first step towards self-sufficiency for the proposed “off-grid” community which we have posted on before .

Pumpkin Carving – Handgun Style

Carving Pumpkins with a Colt 1911 (VIDEO)




  ” It’s October! You know what that means: it’s time for costumes, buckets of candy, questionable drunken decisions at late-night Halloween parties with your coworkers, and jack-o-lanterns. Carving out pumpkins has been a classic Autumn tradition, but we at Guns.com prefer pumpkin carving of a higher caliber. Why use a regular-ol’ kitchen knife when you can upgrade to a classic American firearm? 

For that, we turn to legendary jack-o-lantern artist hickok45 for his fourth consecutive year of pumpkin carving. This year, his weapon of choice is a Colt 1911, “the right tool for the job.” “