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Pair Of Alleged Young Torches Arrested For Setting Fire To Walmart Store




” An 11-year-old South Carolina boy is facing an arson charge after allegedly setting a fire inside a Walmart that caused millions of dollars in damages to the business, police report.

  The boy’s 13-year-old cousin has also been charged in connection with the December 31 blaze.

  According to investigators, the boy stole a lighter while inside the Columbia store and, with his cousin, used it to set a fire in the Walmart’s greeting card aisle. The ensuing blaze caused significant damage to the store, though no injuries were reported.”


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Colourful Fireworks Fill The Sky As Fireworks Factory Explodes, Injuring Two







” Dramatic video footage captures the moment a fireworks factory exploded in Columbia injuring at least two people.

  The massive blast happened in the town of Granada, near the capital Bogata , Sky News reported. Rescue teams have so far been unable to get close to the site to find out if anyone else was hurt.

  In the video there is a loud bang and the factory suddenly ignites shattering the peace of the lush green countryside.”













Earliest Snow In Columbia, SC






” As I predicted two days ago, the earliest snows on record are beginning to occur in the Carolinas.

  Columbia, SC is now experiencing their earliest snow, beating the Nov. 9, 1913 record by 8 days.”



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Female Store Clerk Gets in Gun Fight With 3 Armed Robbers and Wins

  ” A store clerk in Columbia, SC was facing three armed robbers during her night shift. When the three men began firing their guns in the air, the clerk grabbed her own weapon and opened fire on the suspects.”




So now what about his  “college loans ” ?



  “Wayne Allyn Root, a former libertarian VP candidate, has an article featured on The Blaze in which he seriously questions Obama’s record at Columbia University.

Root, like Barry Soetoro/Barack Obama, was part of the graduating class at Columbia in 1983. He is “one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators.” He claims that a gut-instinct tells him “Obama has a secret hidden at Columbia – and it’s a bad one that threatens to bring down his presidency.””

But They Did It Too

Washington Post:

“Some Secret Service employees accused of misconduct in the Colombian prostitution scandal are privately contending that their conduct didn’t warrant dismissal because senior managers tolerated similar behavior during official trips, according to people familiar with the employees’ thinking.”