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” Pew Research has a new State of the Media 2013 report which finds that MSNBC’s output contains far more opinion than news. This chart shows the balance at all three cable networks:”





” The methodology Pew used was to survey stories and categorize them based on the percentage of information vs. opinion. Any story which contained 25 percent opinion or more was labeled commentary/opinion, while a story with less was labeled “factual reporting.” ”








” Ideological purity without common sense is a formula for political disaster. “



” Democrats have a right to crow this morning. President Obama won re-election with a narrow, yet decisive win in the popular vote and a large margin in the Electoral College, in which he won every tossup up state with the exception of North Carolina. Though they were expected to lose seats in the Senate, Democrats gained two. The Republicans did hold onto the House of Representatives, which means the status quo of the last two years in Washington is preserved. But those trying to diminish the scope of the Democrats’ victory are wasting their time. For an incumbent president to win re-election despite presiding over a poor economy and few accomplishments other than decidedly unpopular measures like ObamaCare, is an astonishing feat of political skill. It was also a reflection of the changing nature of the electorate that now skews more toward the Democrats than many of us thought. Liberal pundits like Nate Silver who insisted that the polls were right to show a Democratic advantage were right about that and I was wrong, as were most conservative writers.”

Reviving the War on Women? 

” Sandra Fluke, the free- contraception activist whose claim to fame was getting insulted by Rush Limbaugh, is hitting the campaign trail with President
Obama in Colorado today. But she
started the day off with an anti-Romney column in the Huffington Post (via Daily Caller ):

  The morning of noted contraception activist Sandra
Fluke’s campaign appearance
with President Barack Obama
in Denver, the newly minted
lawyer explained she is “standing with Obama” in an effort to protect women’s health care. “

Peter Wehner from Commentary

Politicizing the Aurora Massacre

Peter Wehner

“And yet the Obama administration is now insisting the Affordable Care Act never was a tax, is not now a tax, and shall never be a tax.

  This is yet another example of how
Barack Obama is a thoroughly post-
modern president. Words and facts
have no objective standing; they are
relative, socially constructed, a way to advance personal reality. If.referring to the Affordable Care Act as a tax helps advance the Obama agenda, then it’s a tax. If referring to the ACA as a penalty helps advance the Obama agenda, it
becomes a penalty. “