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Paul’s Budget Kills Departments of Commerce, Education, Housing, and Energy




” Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) today introduced a budget he says will balance the budget in five years with $2.3 trillion in tax cuts.

Paul’s “Platform to Revitalize America” brings spending below the historical average of 19.1 percent of GDP in the first year and spends $9.6 trillion less over the next 10 years based on the current Congressional Budget Office baseline. It achieves a $17 billion surplus in FY2018 and reforms entitlement programs — Medicare recipients, for example, would receive the same healthcare plan as members of Congress.

It replenishes $126 billion to the Defense Department stripped in sequestration and puts an annual cap on foreign aid at $5 billion. The plan also repeals ObamaCare and Dodd Frank.

Paul’s budget kills four government agencies: the departments of Commerce, Education, Housing and Urban Development, and Energy. It also privatizes the Transportation Security Administration.”



  In light of our previous post wherein we confessed our complete ignorance of “the Law” we feel the need to point any of our readers of similar naivete with a desire to be better informed to this post by Lawrence B. Solum .

   In it he does a fine job of making the whole Obamacare case and the reasonings of some of the Justices quite a bit more understandable than any other summary that we are aware of .

    He also provides a spark of an idea that perhaps should give all who treasure limited government and liberty some hope for reining in and perhaps more clearly delineating Congressional power in the future .

   We must admit that after having absorbed Mr. Solum’s insights we come away with the feeling that maybe , just maybe Chief Justice Roberts is playing a long game that those on the left , rejoicing in his seeming cave to their pressures , are at present unaware of but soon may come to regret .

” We are only minutes into a long process of digesting the Health Care Decision. But in my opinion, one thing is clear. Things are
now “up for grabs” in a way that no one anticipated when the saga of the constitutional challenge to the Affordable Care Act began.”

Read the while thing .

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