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Why Our Children Don’t Think There Are Moral Facts





” What would you say if you found out that our public schools were teaching children that it is not true that it’s wrong to kill people for fun or cheat on tests? Would you be surprised?

  I was. As a philosopher, I already knew that many college-aged students don’t believe in moral facts. While there are no national surveys quantifying this phenomenon, philosophy professors with whom I have spoken suggest that the overwhelming majority of college freshmen in their classrooms view moral claims as mere opinions that are not true or are true only relative to a culture.

  What I didn’t know was where this attitude came from. Given the presence of moral relativism in some academic circles, some people might naturally assume that philosophers themselves are to blame. But they aren’t. There are historical examples of philosophers who endorse a kind of moral relativism, dating back at least to Protagoras who declared that “man is the measure of all things,” and several who deny that there are any moral facts whatsoever. But such creatures are rare. Besides, if students are already showing up to college with this view of morality, it’s very unlikely that it’s the result of what professional philosophers are teaching. So where is the view coming from?

  A few weeks ago, I learned that students are exposed to this sort of thinking well before crossing the threshold of higher education. When I went to visit my son’s second grade open house, I found a troubling pair of signs hanging over the bulletin board. They read:

Fact: Something that is true about a subject and can be tested or proven.

Opinion: What someone thinks, feels, or believes.

  Hoping that this set of definitions was a one-off mistake, I went home and Googled “fact vs. opinion.” The definitions I found online were substantially the same as the one in my son’s classroom. As it turns out, the Common Core standards used by a majority of K-12 programs in the country require that students be able to “distinguish among fact, opinion, and reasoned judgment in a text.” And the Common Core institute provides a helpful page full of links to definitions, lesson plans and quizzes to ensure that students can tell the difference between facts and opinions.

  So what’s wrong with this distinction and how does it undermine the view that there are objective moral facts? “

Find out at the NY Times

West Virginia House Votes To End Common Core, 75-19




” On Saturday, the West Virginia House passed a bill that would withdraw the state from the Common Core State Standards adopted by the West Virginia State Board of Education in 2010 and the Next Generation Content Standards and Objective adopted in 2011. 

  Introduced by Rep. Amanda Pasdon (R-Morgantown), House Bill 2934 (HB2934) directs the State Board of Education to repeal those standards, forbids the use of Common Core-aligned assessment including, but not limited to, Smarter Balanced Assessments, and ensures the standards are revised so West Virginia students will be adequately prepared for college and careers. The House vote was 75-19.

  The bill requires the following by July 16, 2015:

(A) The Common Core Standards as approved by the Board in May, 2010, and the subsequent Next Generation Content Standards and Objectives as approved by the Board in August 2011, are repealed;

(B) No assessments designed to assess student learning based on the common core standards, including but not limited to the Smarter Balanced Assessment, will be used in West Virginia public schools; 


For West Virginia: Take action to support this important bill HERE.

For other states: Take action to fight Common Core in your state HERE. “



Next stop the senate education committee , good luck West Virginia . Read on .












This Teacher Just Struck A Big Blow To Common Core





” Last year, Stacie Starr was named by “Live With Kelly and Michael” as the Top Teacher in the United States. She shocked the northeastern Ohio community where she teaches this week when she announced at a forum to address standardized testing that she is resigning because of Common Core and standardized tests. The nationally recognized teacher hopes to start an after school tutoring and mentoring program to help at risk trends.

“ I can’t do it anymore, not in this ‘drill ‘em and kill ‘em’ atmosphere,” she said. “I don’t think anyone understands that in this environment if your child cannot quickly grasp material, study like a robot and pass all of these tests, they will not survive.” “


Read on












Here Are Thirteen Reasons To Vote Republican Today*



*In no particular order …


Brian Terry: A Victim Of Fast & Furious

Chris Stevens , Glen Doherty , Tyrone Woods , Sean Smith & Benghazi

NSA Spying

IRS Tea Party Scandal

Veterans Administration Scandal

Obamacare – ’nuff Said

Common Core

National Park Closures

Enterovirus EV-68D aka Illegal Immigrant Disease

Open Borders & The Permanent Democratic Majority

Senate Majority Leader “Dirty Harry” Reid

$17 Trillion National Debt

The Supreme Court

   This is by no means an all-encompassing list and is intended as a brief motivational post . Feel free to include your own additions in the comments . It is a very fertile field .

From ISIS To Unemployment: What Do Americans Know?


Modest Partisan Differences in News Knowledge



” The latest Pew Research Center News IQ quiz measures the public’s awareness of key facts in the news: from questions about conflicts around the world to the current minimum wage and the chair of the Federal Reserve. (Before reading this report, take the quiz yourself by clicking here.)

  The survey finds that a large majority (73%) is able to correctly identify the federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour (from a list of other amounts ranging from $5.25 to $12.50).

  In addition, amid ongoing U.S.-led airstrikes against Islamic militants in the Middle East, 67% can identify Syria as one of the countries in which the militant group known as ISIS currently controls territory (from a list that included Pakistan, Kuwait and Egypt). And 60% know that Ukraine was once part of the Soviet Union; the other choices were Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Scandinavia.”




   The most interesting part of the survey concerns the partisan divide in news awareness . Contrary to MSM memes those on the right are , overall , better informed than their “betters” on the left … see chart above .



” Differences in news knowledge across partisan groups are relatively modest, though Republicans tend to do somewhat better than Democrats overall.

  Republicans are 16 points more likely than Democrats to answer the Common Core question correctly (58% vs. 42%). And 57% of Republicans identify the oil industry as a primary driver of growth in North Dakota, compared with 42% of Democrats.”



See the whole survey and take the quiz yourself here












Daily Video 10.8.14

John Stossel – Common Core




Published on Oct 6, 2014

” Robert Pondiscio (Fordham Institute Senior Fellow) and Joy Pullmann (Heartland Institute Research Fellow) join John to debate the value of Common Core. Then, Stossel recounts the past 40 years of government education schemes. http://www.LibertyPen.com “














Common Core Survey: You’ll Love The Pufferfish!





” A new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll finds that after being presented with a description of the Common Core, 59 percent of Americans “strongly” or “somewhat” support “adoption and implementation,” while 31 percent oppose it. Of course, as we’ve seen before, the description is key. The WSJ/NBC pollsters used the following:

  The Common Core standards are a new set of education standards for English and math that have been set to internationally competitive levels and would be used in every state for students in grades K through 12.

  This is first biased in favor of the Core in what it says. It is, in fact, highly debatable that the Core is set to top international levels, while the use of “competitive” might suggest that the standards aren’t just benchmarked to top countries, but will help us to compete with them, an empirically hollow suggestion.”


Cato Institute has more on the slanted poll











Gates Advocates Hitting The Brakes On Consequences Associated With Common Core







” On Tuesday, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation— the second-largest financial backer of Common Core after the federal government— issued a letter calling for a two-year delay of the full implementation of Common Core, which is set to take effect this 2014-15 school year.

  In the letter, Vicki Phillips, the director of education for the Gates Foundation, writes:

“ [The] Gates Foundation agrees with those who’ve decided that assessment results should not be taken into account in high-stakes decisions on teacher evaluation or student promotion for the next two years, during this transition [into Common Core]…. It’s valuable for students to take the Common Core-aligned tests without consequences during this period, so that teachers can get familiar with the tests, have a chance to offer their feedback, and get a feel for the students’ successes and challenges.”

The Gates Foundation has financed and promoted Common Core from day one. As the Washington Post’s Lyndsey Layton points out, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation didn’t just bankroll the development of what became known as the Common Core State Standards. With more than $200 million, the foundation also built political support across the country, persuading state governments to make systemic and costly changes.” “



When even the teacher’s unions do not support a Statist measure like Common Core you know it must be terrible …




“ You think Obamacare implementation is bad. The implementation of Common Core is far worse,” said AFT President Randi Weingarten last November after AFT called for a pause on Common Core implementation.



   We seldom , if ever , find ourselves in agreement with Ms Weingarten but lo and behold , Common Core has brought about one of those  “when pigs fly” moments .

The Daily Signal













From The Colbert Report




Colbert Common Core










Common Core Debate Leads To Mom’s Suspension From Son’s School



Common Core Suspension

Click For Video


” As California prepares to adopt the new state educational standards known as Common Core this fall, more parents are speaking out against them. Now one local mom says she was suspended from her son’s school for doing so.

” I was outraged,” 12-year-old Christopher Duran said.

  The boy couldn’t believe it when he found out his mom had been suspended from Mark Twain Elementary School.

” Why would the principal sign a withdrawal of consent to my mom, and furthermore, why would she send the police to the house?” Christopher asked.

  That withdrawal of consent, delivered by a police officer, banned Christopher’s mom from school for 14 days. Last week when we asked the school district why, they told us Katherine Duran was disrupting the school.

” It appears went a little too far with regards to how she distributed information at school sites, distributing information to children directly,” Sacramento City Unified School District spokesperson Gabe Ross said last Thursday.

” To blame me and say that I had personally handed a child that information on school property during school hours and disrupting the school. No, none of that is true,” Christopher’s mom Katherine O’Neal Duran said.”


Story continues here and at the Blaze







Sixth Graders’ Common Core Homework: Remove Two Rights From Bill Of Rights



Bill of Rights Assignment



” An Arkansas mom was disturbed to learn her sixth grade daughter’s homework was to “prioritize, revise, prune two and add two” amendments in the Bill of Rights. The homework, part of the controversial Common Core curriculum, said that the Bill of Rights is “outdated and may not remain in its current form any longer.”

  Lela Spears was particularly disturbed because her daughter’s Sixth Grade History class “had received no prior training in civics or how to amend the Constitution, which may lead those children to incorrectly believe that it can be changed by a ‘special committee’ as suggested by the assignment,” Digital Journal reported:

” After she brought it home and explained her assignment to me, it made me question exactly what she was being taught. Where I can see a class using critical thinking skills to modernize the words, as to help them better understand the Amendments, giving an assignment to remove two then add two with little explanation as to why is upsetting,” Lela Spears said. “


CNS has more








Latest Common Core Strategy: Switch The Name, So People Don’t Realize What It Is





” As Juliet reminds us, changing the name of something doesn’t change its nature. Yet, in an apparent effort to placate parents, teachers, and taxpayers concerned by the effort to mandate national standards and tests for what every child will learn, several states are considering renaming the Common Core initiative.

  Florida is renaming it “Next Generation Sunshine State Standards;” the Hawkeye State is going with “the Iowa Core.” Arizona simply removed the words “Common Core” from its standards altogether, and Louisiana is considering following suit.”




” To correct the image problem, “we will probably do something really silly like changing the name of it to something else,” Rep. Walt Leger, a Democrat from New Orleans, remarked at a legislative breakfast earlier this month, according to The Louisiana Times-Picayune. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee suggested a similar path to pacify parents during remarks to the Council of Chief State School Officers, advising them to rebrand Common Core, The Washington Post reports.

  However, parents and teachers are smart. They know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes.”




    Same old wine , in a brand new bottle . What happened to truth in labeling ? A turd is a turd is a turd , you can’t make it shine , no matter how hard you polish .









Panelist At Podesta Think Tank On Common Core: ‘The Children Belong To All of Us’





” In addressing criticism of the Common Core national education standards, a panelist at the Center for American Progress (CAP), a liberal think tank, said critics were a “tiny minority” who opposed standards altogether, which was unfair because “the children belong to all of us.” “


Here’s your “tiny minority” sir :

” Over the weekend, the Board of Directors of the New York State United Teachers, a union with more than 600,000 members, passed a resolution  withdrawing support for the Common Core State Standards  “as implemented and interpreted” by the state Education Department and also declaring “no confidence” in the policies of State Education Commissioner John King.  “

    If they can’t even count on the support of the teachers , hardly a right-wing constituency , they really have some obstacles to overcome to convince the parents .



” The CAP was founded by John Podesta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton and now an adviser to President Barack Obama.  At a CAP event to promote Common Core on Friday, CNSNews.com asked about the critics who say federal monetary incentives attached to Common Core is driving the states to implement the standards.”



And we are all aware of the “unbiased” nature of John Podesta and his “Center For American Progress” .



” Paul Reville, the former secretary of education for Massachusetts and a Common Core supporter, said,  “To be sure, there’s always a small voice – and I think these voices get amplified in the midst of these arguments – of people who were never in favor of standards in the first place and never wanted to have any kind of testing or accountability and those voices get amplified.”







Our children belong to us , not the State … End Of Story … It does not “Take a village” .









Can You Solve This Grammatically Incorrect, Impossible Common Core Question?



A Carroll County, Maryland grandmother wants to know why her granddaughter’s Common Core-aligned fourth grade curriculum includes the following grammatically incorrect–and mathematically baffling–quiz question:

“Tyler made 36 total snowflakes which is a multiple of how triangular snowflakes he made. How many triangular snowflakes could he have made?”

  A significant grammatical error makes the question incomprehensible. But even assuming better phrasing, it’s not obvious to children what the question is asking, according to the grandmother, Gail Householder.

“ Who thinks many 9-year-olds will actually understand this and come up with the correct answer?” she asked in a letter to The Baltimore Sun.

Here is Ms Householder’s letter : Baffling Common Core Question



” Something is very wrong with this curriculum, and I believe it will eventually harm our children’s education rather than improve it, which was the original goal of this misguided program.

 Or was it?”









Judge Orders Homeschooled Children Removed From Christian Parents’ Home




” In the age of federally mandated Common Core curriculum and widespread evidence of leftist indoctrination, it is not surprising a growing number of American families are exploring educational options other than public school. As parents try to protect their children from the propagandistic government system, however, the government is in turn seeking vengeance against them.

  Nowhere was this disturbing trend more evident than in the recent removal of seven children from a Texas couple dedicated to homeschooling them. While Child Protective Services initially became involved in the case involving Trevor and Christina Tutt after two of the children wandered a short distance from home, a case worker subsequently indicated that “[t]here is no problem here.”

  The same employee, however, subsequently made a highly subjective accusation against the couple.

Nobody in their right mind would want to stay home all day with so many children,” she told a court during the hearing. In response, the Tutts provided ample evidence showing they were fit to be parents and educators to the group of children.

  Nevertheless, an activist judge directed CPS to remove the children based entirely on their manner of education. The ruling was in apparent violation of a state policy that a parent’s choice “to homeschool their children or send their child to another private or public school is not relevant to the CPS investigation.” “


Story Continues at Western Journalism









Daily Video 1.8.14

“Common Core Common Sense: Why It’s Illiberal And Unconstitutional”



Published on Jun 24, 2013

” Dr. Daniel B. Coupland
Associate Professor of Education, Hillsdale College

  June 4, 2013
Fusco Summer Lecture Series “









Kenneth Ye Farragut Student Dec 4th School Board



Published on Dec 11, 2013

” Brilliant analysis of Common Core by another Farragut High School student. Sadly, when he asks for an additional minute to speak, Chair Lynne Fugate refuses. However, Chair Fugate did allow a pro-McIntyre speaker additional time.”



See also fellow Farragut High student Ethan Young’s impassioned speech condemning Common Core from November .





4th Grade Common Core Math Problem Takes 108 Steps To Complete

” This would be kinda funny if it wasn’t so damn sad (or real life).

  Check out this video of mother-of-three Karen Lamoreaux, member of Arkansas Against Common Core, completely owning the ridiculous educational failure that is the Common Core State Standards in her testimony before the Arkansas Board of Education on Monday.”

Here is a written description of the process Ms Lamoreaux refers to in the above video : 

” A 2 step math problem in 108 irrelevant steps

  The question – There are 18 people. These 18 people counted up to the last person with a number that landed on 90. What is the number they counted up by, for 18 people to reach a number of 90 while counting by it?

  Obviously, to get this answer you should divide 90 by 18, which gives you the number 5. 90 divided by 18 equals 5. Therefore, the people said 5,10,15,20, all the way up to 90. If the student gives this obvious simple solution to this problem, they are marked wrong even though they solved the problem the most skilled and rational way.

  Here is how, with common core, the children are required to solve this problem in not TWO steps (90/18), but in 108 steps:

  They are required to draw 18 circles, and put 1 hash mark near each circle until they get to circle 18, loop back to the beginning with another hash mark near each circle to the end, and repeat this until they have drawn 90 total hash marks, and then count how many marks are near each circle. If they do it the mathematically correct way (90/18) they fail. “

What it looks like on paper :

An Implied Threat To Remove Exxon Mobil From States That Refuse Common Core?

Common Core Aligned Curriculum and Pearl Harbor. Missouri House Education Committee: Please Read





” From Terrence Moore and A Textbook That Should Live in Infamy: The Common Core Assaults World War II:

 If you want to understand Common Core aligned curriculum in action, Moore deconstructs the method of close reading and how American history is now taught to students:

  There is more than a little sophistry taking place here: an alarming superficiality and political bias that pervades all the Common Core textbooks (as I have illustrated in my book The Story-Killers: A Common Sense Case Against the Common Core). There is no reading in this chapter ostensibly devoted to World War II that tells why America entered the war. There is no document on Pearl Harbor or the Rape of Nanking or the atrocities committed against the Jews or the bombing of Britain. The book contains no speech of Winston Churchill or F.D.R. even though the reading of high-caliber “informational texts” is the new priority set by the Common Core, and great rhetoric has always been the province of an English class. There is not a single account of a battle or of American losses or of the liberation of Europe. The editors do not balance Jarrell’s poem with the much more famous war song “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” that ends with the line, “And we’ll all stay free!” The rest of this chapter consists in a poster of a junk rally to gather metals for the making of munitions, a New York Times editorial, and a political cartoon penned by Dr. Seuss (who supported the war). There is not a single document or sentence in the chapter that would make a young reader consider the Axis Powers anything other than “enemies” in quotes.Essentially, all of World War II has been reduced to dropping the bomb and consequently, we are led to believe, America’s inhumanity. In short, the entire presentation of the Second World War is not an exercise in critical thinking; nor will it make students “college and career ready.” This is not teaching. It is programming, pure and simple.”




Common Core = Leftist revisionism = indoctrination = brainwashing = typical public school education = SHAME

Read the whole thing including the links













” There is a growing concern by Americans that their personal and private information is being collected and shared without their knowledge and consent.

  Recent scandals about government spying on individuals pales in comparison to the revelation that HealthCare.gov was recently hacked. Cyber security experts are warning about efforts by foreign governments, such as Russia and China, to compromise medical databases. But this is just the tip of the iceberg according to Florida doctors.

  As health records are digitized they become more sharable and more vulnerable to privacy violations.

  The more individual information is placed on large centralized databases the more that information may be accessed, without the knowledge and consent of  the individual. Doctors in Florida are raising privacy concerns as they fully implement the “electronic health record” (EHR) mandate for their patient’s records. Doctors worry about their loss of control over their patients’ records and their ability to limit those who access them. They worry about the growing the risks and liability of a privacy violation.”


   As if this invasion of privacy isn’t enough what with all manner of government bureaucrats and potential identity thieves accessing your personal medical records , we are now hearing rumblings of a requirement in Obamacare that mandates the creation of a digital list of all that enroll in Obamacare with the sole purpose of being used as a political mailing list .

   Anyone that continues to believe that the State only has their best interests at heart is delusional and shouldn’t be allowed to vote.







Teacher’s 3rd Grade Lesson Presents Messianic View Of Obama – Literally




” On the heels of a controversial children’s book about Barack Obama – which stated “white voters would never vote for a black president” and that “Barack’s former pastor” said “God would damn the United States for mistreating its black citizens” – comes a new lesson that casts America’s 44th president in a messianic light. Literally.”




” And – surprise – it’s Common Core-aligned.

  The lesson plan and accompanying visual presentation were authored by Sherece Bennett, and is for sale on TeachersPayTeachers.com. It’s all based on a book titled, “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope,” by Nikki Grimes.”



   Barack , the Magic Negro , has come to save the day . For Chr*** sakes are we so short of heroic types that the educational establishment has to deify the most incompetent president we have ever elected to office solely on the virtue of his skin color … oh yes , and the fact that he’s a Democrat . Can you picture the MSM and the teachers giving the same treatment to a Condi Rice or an Allen West ?

   It was a rhetorical question for sure , and as far as heroes are concerned there is no shortage of them for the youth of America to emulate . The problem is that the real heroes are not the kind of people that help the progressive movement advance their agenda . Soldiers , scientists , inventors and businessmen and their accomplishments do not adequately proclaim the need for the State and so are to be ignored and reviled .

   Barack on the other hand , a man with no notable accomplishments beyond that of self-promotion , is held in such regard as to have achieved the status of demi-god among the elites and so us peons who remain in denial must be indoctrinated into the true way through the State sponsored brainwashing that is Common Core

   Hasn’t this administration jumped the shark yet ?








Obama Bio, Required Reading, Tells Fourth-Graders That White Americans Are Racists




” Some parents in Dupo, Ill. are not happy that a biography of President Barack Obama is required reading for fourth-graders. They say the book contains a host of controversial elements, not least of which is that it casts white Americans who disagree with Obama’s politics as racist.

Fourth-grade students at Bluffview Elementary School were instructed that they would be tested and graded on the book’s contents, reports EAGnews.org.”



    You would be correct in thinking that this is where the State indoctrination program commonly referred to as “Common Core” is leading us . With the popularity of the Statist model falling faster than Obama’s poll numbers the progressives have ratcheted up the indoctrination lessons in our public schools to new levels . 



” The book, called simply “Barack Obama,” is published by Lerner Publications. The author, Jane Sutcliffe, appears to specialize in these kinds of biographies. She has written similar titles about Jesse Owens, Ronald Reagan, Sacagawea and Milton Hershey.

The kerfuffle about the book originally bubbled up through a Facebook page called Moms Against Duncan (MAD). The group actively opposes implementation of the Common Core curriculum.”



   The empty promises of the progressive political philosophy continue to unravel before our eyes , even as their “long march through the institutions” has been a spectacularly successful . Over the past half century the progressive left have set forth and basically achieved their long term goals for political domination through the culture by establishing near monolithic control over the media , education , news and the administrative bureaucracy of the state . 

Yet even with a clear dominance of the means of indoctrination education of our youth from infancy for decades , even with a propaganda apparatus that would make Joseph Goebbels and Leni Riefenstahl blush in admiration , even with (or perhaps because of) the election and re-election of the most Statist , un-American president in history , all their efforts have come to naught and now must resort to the power of the State to force their beliefs on an increasingly combative populace .


You can “Look Inside” the book at Amazon.





Duncan Takes Heat Over Description Of Common Core Foes As ‘white Suburban Moms’





” Education Secretary Arne Duncan faced heated criticism Monday for reportedly dismissing foes of so-called Common Core standards as “white suburban moms” who are worried their schools or children don’t measure up to the new benchmarks. 

Duncan made the comments on Friday in Richmond, Va., discussing academic standards which have become highly controversial at the state level. 

“It’s fascinating to me that some of the pushback is coming from, sort of, white suburban moms who — all of a sudden — their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were and their school isn’t quite as good as they thought they were, and that’s pretty scary,” Duncan said, according to an account from Politico. “You’ve bet your house and where you live and everything on, `My child’s going to be prepared.’ That can be a punch in the gut.” “


   Everything is about race with this “first post-racial” president .

   Divide and conquer is a political tool as old as organized society itself . Throughout history whenever a king , tyrant  or dictator faced unrest on the home front the usual response has been to deflect public criticism from himself by pitting diverse segments of the population against each other . That is the Obama method of governance and has played a major role in most things that he has done since January of 2009 .