Here’s What A Republican Takeover Looks Like






” A
t the time of this writing, Republicans have picked up nine seats in the House, pushing them to a muscular 243-seat majority.

  For House Speaker John Boehner, that means the bar is set high for legislative accomplishments in the next two years. For the national political landscape, that means a lot of red. Here’s the lower chamber of the 114th Congress, in vivid color.

  A number of races remain undecided, and the colors for these districts on the map were determined using the majority vote there as it stood at 12 p.m. on Nov. 5 We’ll update the map as more results come in.”


National Journal



   Update: Courtesy Of The Blaze , here is the Congressional map after the 2008 election … ushering in the age of perpetual Democratic majority … LOL




Image source: Screen grab of New York Times map



My how the landscape has changed … Obama has certainly been transformative .