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Why Republicans Are Abandoning The GOP

” While the topic of conservatives potentially abandoning the Republican Party remains on the front burner, a new study has been released that explains why some have already bolted.
The study, commissioned by a conservative market research group, applied “scientific methods of qualitative research” to find out why some Republican-leaning voters are abandoning the GOP.

  For example, Mitt Romney last year turned out fewer whites, Catholics, and evangelicals than even John McCain did in 2008, and did worse with Mormon voters than George W. Bush did in 2004. To compensate for the loss of a sizable chunk of his base and win the election, Romney would’ve needed an unattainable 72% of that Hispanic vote currently getting so much attention.”

The Treasury’s Inspector General Just Released A Damning Report About the IRS Targeting Tea Party Groups



” On Friday of last week a representative of the IRS admitted that the agency had singled out conservative groups seeking nonprofit status for extra scrutiny. A new report released this afternoon by the Office of Inspector General of the Treasury–which you can read in full below–confirms that Tea Party groups were in fact being targeted for their politics. Here’s the summary of findings: 

The IRS used inappropriate criteria that identified for review Tea Party and other organizations applying for tax-exempt status based upon their names or policy positions instead of indications of potential political campaign intervention.  Ineffective management: 1) allowed inappropriate criteria to be developed and stay in place for more than 18 months, 2) resulted in substantial delays in processing certain applications, and 3) allowed unnecessary information requests to be issued.”




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Here is the official report .





7 Reasons Conservatives Don’t Trust the Republican Establishment





” My latest Townhall column is called, 7 Reasons Conservatives Don’t Trust the Republican Establishment. Here’s an excerpt from the column.

Just as moderates are completely unrepresented in a Democratic Party that’s dominated by liberals, movement conservatives often don’t feel represented by the Republican Party. At first glance, this seems rather odd since most Republicans in Congress are conservative. However, it’s a natural reaction to the Republican establishment that has its hands welded to many of the GOP’s levers of power. The Republican Party may be mostly conservative, but there are a multitude of reasons that you can’t trust the establishment Republicans as far as you can throw them. ”



Illustration By Michael Ramirez



It’s Not Like They Are Captives Or Something … Yet



” One of the biggest mistakes liberals tend to make is assuming a static response from the people being taxed.

This is a big mistake, particularly when you’re talking about the rich. The rich — being rich — have lots of options. They can hire the best accountants to find loopholes, hire lobbyists to create loopholes, shift their money around to protect it from the tax man, stop working, and, yes, as the Britons are finding out, they can also JUST LEAVE.

In the 2009-10 tax year, more than 16,000 people declared an annual income of more than £1 million to HM Revenue and Customs.

This number fell to just 6,000 after Gordon Brown introduced the new 50p top rate of income tax shortly before the last general election. “

Can Conservatives Prevent The U.S. From Becoming California?





 ” As bad as last Tuesday night was for the national Republican Party, it was far, far worse for the California Republican Party. Not only did Golden State Democrats maintain control of every statewide elected office; not only did Gov. Jerry Brown’s $6 billion Proposition 30 tax hike pass by solid margins; but Democrats also secured supermajorities in both state legislative chambers. Now, Brown and the Democrats can raise taxes by as much as they want.

The California Republican Party is functionally dead. And how is California doing, now that liberals have successfully terminated the state’s remaining conservatives?

For starters, it’s still in debt. Despite Brown’s historic tax hike, the California Legislative Analyst’s Office announced this week that the state still faces a $2 billion budget deficit just for the next fiscal year. California’s liberal electorate has already racked up an additional $370 billion in state and local debt over that last decade. That is more than 20 percent of the state’s gross domestic product. “

Who Dares Dissent ?


” Conservative radio host and Breitbart Editor Dana Loesch had her vagina groped during an advanced screening by the TSA at Phoenix Airport, with Loesch complaining that she is targeted for such treatment almost every time she flies. ”



” In the video, Loesch complains to the screeners that she is “subjected to this almost every time I fly.” In her You Tube blurb, Loesch links to a previous incident in Providence, Rhode Island, where her husband was molested and had his genitals groped after TSA workers claimed he was covered in “nitrates.”

“After concluding that I wasn’t a terrorist hiding weapons in my vagina, the TSA agents allowed me to go,” concludes Loesch.

Groping travelers’ genitals has now become a routine part of TSA screening procedures.

Hundreds of complaint letters about the TSA’s invasive security procedures which were released last month under the Freedom of Information Act include numerous horror stories about TSA screeners directly touching people’s genitals during pat downs. There have also been numerous cases of public figures having their “junk” touched.

Could Loesch be a routine target of TSA harassment due to her public criticism of the agency?

As we have documented, people who opt out of body scanners or those who simply fail to display the proper level of obedience to TSA screeners are routinely subjected to punishment by means of invasive grope downs or other forms of retaliation.

Journalists who are critical of the TSA have also been singled out for retribution.

CNN reporter Drew Griffin was also put on a TSA watch list immediately after he filed reports critical of the organization back in 2008. “

“A lot of wrongheaded people with an irrational fetish for holy symbols think their hurt feelings justify censorship.”

  “Islamic protesters? Nope. Try the U.S. Senate—and the American public, too.

The furor in the Mideast over an obscure video mocking the Prophet Muhammad has prompted many Americans to pat themselves on the back for their devotion to free speech. Some of them have gotten a charge out of lecturing the Arab world about the value of it.

Others, such as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, have done so out of duty. “To us, to me personally, this video is disgusting and reprehensible,” she said Thursday. But: “We do not stop individual citizens from expressing their views, no matter how distasteful they may be.”

Sure we do. Just ask – oh, Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY.”


The Enemy of My Enemy …

What would Romney do without the media?

 “Mitt Romney and the conservative base have a stormy relationship. They fight. They make up. Their affection cools. They bond again. If not for President Obama — accusing Romney of everything from tax evasion to perjury to murder — and the mainstream media’s rampant boosterism, Romney would find it tough to keep up the enthusiasm of the right. But with Obama and the MSM around, he can rest assured the base will stick with him and crawl over that proverbial glass to dump Obama.”

” Clint Eastwood’s Finest Hour “

” Lucky for Clint Eastwood that he has a sense of humor. He’ll need it, if he tries to wade through some of the zanier criticism inspired by his
appearance at the Republican National Convention . From the left, he’s being mocked as rambling,
strange, and obsessed with empty chairs. The L.A. Times is wondering “ Did Clint Eastwood tarnish his film legacy ?” ”

Isn’t it ironic how lefty actors speaking out on politics are always ” speaking truth to power ” , but righty ones ” tarnish their legacy ” ? Feh

” Clint Eastwood stumping for Mitt Romney suggests shift in Hollywood’s political paradigm, experts say”

“Hollywood has long been considered an overwhelmingly liberal community, but given Clint Eastwood’s “surprise” blockbuster appearance in support of GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney
this week – are the tables starting to

The gaffe that wasnt

  ” One of the few things Americans on both sides of the partisan divide can agree on is that this election is shaping up to be vexingly petty. The hunt for gaffes –some real, many imagined — has taken over. Romney’s recent overseas tour, we are told, produced three: an impolitic, if defensible, statement about Britain’s preparations for the Olympics; a statement about the importance of culture in economic development; and when an aide to Romney dressed down a reporter with an inflated sense of entitlement.

Not only is that list pathetic in its own right, in the rush to paint Romney’s campaign as hapless, the press and partisans glossed over a philosophical insight worthy of a presidential debate.”

Roger L Simon

” In recent years, Hollywood conservatives have been as deep in the closet as 1950s gays. But
Barack Obama, the man of hope and change,has changed that. The times are so terrible that more and more entertainment industry
conservatives are coming out and risking irritating their fuddy-duddy liberal peers, maybe even losing a job or two into the bargain.

  The latter is not a problem for the latest Hollywood con to come out, Clint Eastwood, who just publicly endorsed Romney with the words “the country is in need of a boost.” (No kidding!) Clint has arguably been America’s finest director for the last decade or so. The likes of Sean Penn abandoned their bourgeois lefty politics in a heartbeat to work with him. So no
job issues for Clint. “

Another less than optimistic view of the Obamacare decision from Big Government

  ” The long-run victory, if there is one, is for the kind of rock-solid, unapologetic brand of conservatism that leaders like
Sarah Palin represent–and which the mainstream media has all but excluded from our political discourse.
   Whether.that kind of politics–the kind that produced Ronald Reagan in 1980–can.re-emerge before Americans succumb to the temptations of life in entitlement
captivity is an open question, and not a happy one.
   Can the conservative movement lift Romney to victory in November on the strength of yesterday’s terrible Obamacare decision? Yes. “

Twarody For a Rainy Day

Here’s the newest Twarody :



   “Fresh on the heels of President Whiny Pants throwing a tantrum about conservative domination on Twitter, conservatives once again, well, dominate. The president complained that Romney’s campaign could be summed up in a tweet with characters to spare. Well, champ, liberalism can be summed up in only four words.

And the results are hilarious. Thanks for making it so easy, Liberals! “

Here are a couple gems to fire your imaginations : 

Taxes Mean Free Stuff. 

Divide, Whine, Pander, Limo. 

 Where is my check?

Lots more where they came from over at Twitchy 

My Sentiments Exactly

“I thought we were going to see John McCain all over again,” said Brad Thor, a bestselling novelist and popular figure on the right who supported Santorum. “But you know what? That fire I’ve felt for previous candidates, I’m starting to feel it. And that surprise presser at Solyndra was like pouring accelerant on the fire.”

Thor said when he heard about the Solyndra stunt, he cheered aloud: “Way to go Mitt!”

My God, this is right out of Breitbart’s playbook. I love it!” he said. “I swear to God, if he roller skates into the DNC convention, or hijacks an Obama press conference — if he does either one of those I’m going to give my kid’s college money to his Super PAC.”

“Told that conservatives were comparing Romney’s tactics to Breitbart’s, one aide responded: “Oh great, that’s what we were going for.” “

It seems that it is becoming a daily event . I have the pleasure to point you to yet another Twitter hashtag game .
  Gonzalo Cordova of Comedy Central complained that conservative hashtag games were ruining Twitter and that conservatives are not funny .
   Needless to say , that just opened the flood gates and now Mr Cordova is himself the subject of a conservative beatdown at :


Some samples for your amusement :

el SOOPer @SooperMexican

A pile of Rosie O’Donnell’s greasy backhair shavings #FunnierThanCordova

#FunnierThanCordova Septic tank maintenance—Cardinal ACK! (@megapotamus)

Bill Maher. In fact the only thing he is funnier than. #FunnierThanCordova

The People’s Cube @ThePeoplesCube

#FunnierThanCordova Joe Biden

As you would expect there are tons more so go have a read , a chuckle and show them who’s funnier .

Conservatives Atwitter

From John at Powerline 

“We are in the early stages of the 2012 campaign season, with a lot of battlespace preparation going on. In the skirmishing so far, one perhaps surprising media advantage has become clear: the right is clobbering the left on Twitter.”

  This subject is very dear to my heart . When you consider the meme that the progs are so cool , hip and up to date in the ways of social media it makes me laugh every time Obama and his shills launch a new media campaign only to see it totally taken over by the right . 




Time’s ; Are You Mother Enough ? 

WaPost’s ; Bully Business 


Some of the current questions posed to Michelle as amassed by John:

 ” When you vacation in Hawaii, can you see the rise of the oceans beginning to slow?
What’s up this week for the @BarackObama campaign and “Operation Change the Subject” (to anything except the economy)?
Do you still exchange May Day cards with Bill and Bernadette?
Do you think your daughters should request affirmative actions preferences?
Do you still get Christmas cards from the Rezkos and Blagojeviches?
So who succeeded you at that critical, highly important $300k/year community outreach job at UC hospital?
I have several friends who specialize in relocation. Shall I give them your number so they can help you relocate in January? “


  It doesn’t matter what they try , they are immediately swamped by those knuckle-dragging , clinging ,bitter  inbreds from flyover country .