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Gonzaga Students Face Expulsion For Using Gun Against Convicted Felon


Gonzaga University students Erik Fagan and Dan Mcintosh


” A pair of Gonzaga students feel they are being unfairly punished after they used a legal handgun to defend themselves against a convicted felon at their university owned apartment, which, according to reports is off the university campus.

The pair called police to report an incident that occurred in late October. A man, described by police as convicted felon several times over, knocked on the door of the apartment.

When one of the resident answered, the suspect attempted to coerce money from the student. When he refused, the suspect attempted to force entry into the apartment. That’s when the resident showed that he was armed and the suspect immediately fled.”















Would-Be Handgun Banner’s Criminal Family Ties Explain A Lot




” When asked if the “assault weapon” ban was just the beginning, Schakowsky replied “Oh absolutely. I mean, I’m against handguns. We have, in Illinois, the Council Against Handgun… something …Yeah, I’m a member of that. So, absolutely.”

What should also be a hurdle is the fact that Schakowsky is married to convicted felon Robert Creamer, who “pleaded guilty to defrauding banks out of 2.3 million dollars in a check-kiting scheme along with violations of federal tax laws.” That would make him a person prohibited by law from owning a handgun, an “assault weapon” or any kind of gun at all.

As we’ve seen many times in the past with the criminal records compiled by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against [Your] Guns, the character of those who presume to call ours into question makes one thing very clear. What we’re dealing with are criminals who are perverting the “law” to disarm the rest of us. So of course they don’t trust us, with guns or with anything else. It’s a projection thing. “




   Another example of the establishment Left s embrace of the more radical elements of society … along with the added bonus of  showing the growing irrelevance of their toadies such as Move-on …. LOL

” So the demonstration was a washout. But that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to be learned
from it. On the contrary, the event illustrates how closely intertwined the “respectable” Left ( i.e ., the Democratic Party) has become with the disreputable, and often outright criminal, Left.

  Who, exactly, organized the Romney/Koch protest? The principal organizers were Andy
Stepanian of Sparrow Media, Aaron Black of Occupy New York and Laura Dawn, Creative Director of MoveOn.org. Let’s focus on
Stepanian, who said on Facebook that The Sparrow Project (i.e., Stepanian) is “coordinating
PR around this Hamptons action.”

   So who is he? Stepanian is a self-described terrorist and convicted felon who was sentenced to three years in prison . (It was Chris Christie, by the way, who put him away.) Breitbart.com has written about Stepanian, noting that he continues to threaten violence against political opponents. “