The United States And Europe Dawdle While Ukraine Goes Up In Flames







” Deadly violence claimed at least 18 lives in Kiev on Tuesday as riot police moved on activists’ encampments in the center of the city after protesters stormed the Ukrainian parliament. Inside the building, fights broke out as pro-government deputies blocked the opposition’s effort to submit a draft resolution to reinstate the 2004 constitution that would limit President Yanukovich’s power.

  As protests against Ukraine’s pro-Russian president enter their fourth month, it is clear that the battle cannot be resolved by compromise. Both sides are employing scorched earth polices from which there will emerge one winner and one loser. The United States and Europe have so far abdicated the opportunity to provide real assistance to the opposition. Putin, on the other hand, will leave no stone unturned to insure that his allies emerge victorious.  In such confrontations, the street fighter wins and the gentlemen lose.

  Yanukovich and his allies are playing for time, stretching out negotiations, pleading illness, and hoping for the steam to run out of the protests. The protesters are characterized as Nazis, skin heads, and criminals in the pay of hostile European powers and the United States. The United States and Europe are to blame for their blatant intervention in Ukraine’s internal affairs. Yanukovich trump card is his confidence that Putin will do all that is necessary to break the backs of the protesters and keep Ukraine in his proposed Eurasian Community. It was Putin’s pledge of $15 billion and cheap energy that broke the momentum of the protests in December. With the Sochi Olympics out of the way, Putin is again free to deploy his bag of dirty tricks.

  The protesters understand that they cannot lose the momentum by ramping down the protests. They understand that Yanukovich’s promises of shared government and amnesty are sham plays for time.  He has no intention of going anywhere, and he will not give up control of the police, military, tax authorities, and the prosecutor’s office. Any compromise which leaves these “power ministries” in his hands will allow him to exact heavy revenge once things settle down.”



Joe Biden was heard to say :


Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych

” Vice President Biden called Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych today to express grave concern regarding the crisis on the streets of Kyiv. He called on President Yanukovych to pull back government forces and to exercise maximum restraint. The Vice President made clear that the United States condemns violence by any side, but that the government bears special responsibility to de-escalate the situation. The Vice President further underscored the urgency of immediate dialogue with opposition leaders to address protesters’ legitimate grievances and to put forward serious proposals for political reform. The United States is committed to supporting efforts to promote a peaceful resolution to the crisis that reflects the will and aspirations of the Ukrainian people.”




And while the wizened seers dither … Kiev burns …




Ukraine: Fireworks And Paving Stones Rain On Berkut Forces



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” Security forces charged over barricades set up by protesters during fresh clashes outside October Palace in Kiev on Tuesday, that have so far left five people dead.

  Protesters burned tyres and threw molotov cocktails and rocks at security forces, who retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets.

  The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior has set a deadline of 18:00 (16:000 GMT) for protesters to end the fresh wave of riots.”





Ukraine: Barricades Ablaze On Maidan



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” Thousands continue to occupy Kiev’s Independence Square as state security forces move in to disperse the crowds. Water cannons and APCs have been deployed by police to clear the square.

  There are reportedly around 20,000 people gathered on Independence Square, many of them gathered behind barricades.

  At least 18 people are reported to have been killed as a result of Tuesday’s violence, including 11 protesters and 7 police officers. Hundreds more have been injured in the clashes.”





Ukraine: Dozens Injured As Fresh Riots Erupt In Kiev



Published on Feb 18, 2014

” At least five protesters have died and dozens have been injured as fresh clashes between rioters and police erupt in central Kiev on Tuesday.

  Protesters burnt tyres and threw molotov cocktails whilst police retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets in an attempt to disperse the crowds. At least 37 police officers have also been injured in the protests.

  Earlier in the day the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior released a statement setting 18:00(16:00 GMT) as a deadline which protesters must meet to end the fresh wave of unrest in Kiev.

  A statement issued by the SBU urges the protesters to return to the negotiation table and threatens the opposition with the use of force, in accordance with the Ukrainian law, if they do not comply.”



     The lack of American leadership on the world stage continues to make itself felt where-ever the desire for freedom dares show it’s head .



” A  Europe that encompasses Ukraine will put an end to Putin’s expansionary vision of restoring the former Soviet empire. It will diminish his  ability to be a trouble maker around the globe. Putin punches above his weight because of the weakness of the West, not because of his strength.  He understands that the ones who enter a street fight with brass knuckles will win against gentlemen who insist on fighting fair.

  Having Ukraine firmly in the Western camp is worth tens or hundreds of billion dollars over the long haul, and we cannot put together a measly $15 billion spread among ourselves to give the protesters some real ammunition? Why refuse to enter into a bidding war for a valuable outcome when the other side is not constrained by such gentlemen’s diplomacy?”



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