Chicago Cops Shot Kids, Mothers Say



” Chicago police opened fire on a car full of kids and wounded two of them “without provocation, cause or justification of any kind,” two mothers claim in court.
   Catherine Waller and Abena Andoh sued Chicago, its police Officers J.E. Morlock and K.W. Flaherty, and other unknown officers on behalf of Waller’s son D.B., and Andoh’s son D.H.
   The mothers claim Morlock and Flaherty stopped a car containing their kids and “several other minors” three days before Christmas last year, on the South Side.
   Two passengers fled.
  “Seconds later, one or more of the defendant officers opened fire on the remaining occupants of the vehicle, which included D.B and D.H.,” according to the complaint.
  “Defendant officers shot more than a dozen rounds into the vehicle filled with minors without provocation, cause or justification of any kind.
  “That is, no weapon was brandished nor was there any act of violence or aggression directed at or toward defendant officers. “


From Courthouse News Service