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Stranded Minesweeper On Philippine Reef Is Total Loss, Says US Navy




” The US Navy said that a minesweeper that ran aground on a coral reef off the Philippines was a complete loss after announcing plans to dismantle it

US Pacific Fleet spokesman Captain Darryn James said there was a chance the USS Guardian might break up or sink if crews tried to remove it without taking it apart first.

Limiting damage to the coral, which was part of a national marine park, was important to the navy, James said.

“We really do care about being good stewards of the environment,” he said.”


Details on the USS Guardian’s history 


National Geographic Photo Contest 2012


” See the three winning images, along with the viewers’ choices and honorable mentions. The grand-prize winner receives $10,000 and a trip to National Geographic headquarters to participate in an annual photography seminar.”



Stilt Fishing

” Honorable Mention

Stilt fishing is a typical fishing technique only seen in Sri Lanka. The fishermen sit on a cross bar called a petta tied to a vertical pole planted into the coral reef. This long exposure shot shows how unstable their position is.”