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Thomas Dishaw: 


” If you haven’t noticed there has been a lot of talk regarding the power grid lately.  Highly ranked Government officials continue to go on record warning us that we are in imminent danger of a looming strike on the grid.

Since the Government likes to “keep us safe “, they are coincidentally preparing a massive drill emulating an attack on the power grid.

Off The Grid News reports the drill will take place November 13-14:

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.

The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks. The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.”



CNN Poll: Majority Doesn’t Trust Obama, Approval Rating Suffers Severe Drop




” President Barack Obama’s approval rating dropped a shocking 8 percentage points over the last month — one of sharpest, fastest plunges in his presidency, according to a new CNN poll released early Monday morning.

For the first time in Obama’s time in office,  more than half of the public doesn’t feel that the president is honest and trustworthy, the CNN/ORC International poll showed.

Specifically, Obama’s approval rating stands at 45 percent, down from 53 percent in mid-May, CNN reported. A shocking 54 percent of respondents told pollsters they disapprove of how Obama is handling his job. That was up 9 points in just a month. “






LAPD Holds Downtown Counterterrorism Drill





” Gunfire echoed through downtown and law enforcement helicopters swooped low among office towers Thursday, but it was all a drill as the Police Department’s counter-terrorism unit demonstrated a response to a weapon-of-mass-destruction threat.

The late-morning demonstration began with an explosion of flash grenades, officers firing blank ammunition at pretend suspects, and police rappelling out of a county Sheriff’s Department helicopter and onto a hotel bridge on Figueroa Street.”


    Nearly as disturbing as the show of a militarized police force is the fact that the crowd was enthralled with this practice run for denying these same citizens their rights .










Big Bore, Small Noise:

VKS Large Caliber Silenced Sniper Rifle



  “Over the last several decades, counter-terrorism operations became very important for most ‘civilized world’ law enforcement organizations.  Increased terrorism threats plagued Russia since the fall of the Soviet Union, and in recent years local law enforcement organizations, especially the FSB – Federal Security Service, formulated requirements for some specialized equipment to deal with modern threats.  One type of such threat is a well-armed terrorist, equipped with relatively long-range weapons and wearing body armor or hiding behind some sort of a barrier, such a car body.  To engage such threats at stand-off ranges without causing unnecessary alert, in around 2002, FSB requested development of a silenced sniper rifle, with effective range of up to 600 meters.  Existing silenced weapons, such as VSS or VSK-94 sniper rifles, which fire 9×39 subsonic ammo, are not up to the task, as their effective range is limited to 300-400 meters maximum against unprotected targets and is only about 200 meters or less against targets wearing body armor.  Their accuracy at extended ranges also is not entirely sufficient.”