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11-Year-Old Boy Saves Girl Buried In Marina Sand Dune



” An 11-year-old boy credited the television show “NCIS” with teaching him basic CPR skills that he used to save a girl’s life at the Marina Dunes.

Connor Fitz-Gerald pulled 5-year-old Alyssa Bostic out from under the dunes after a sand cave kids were digging for fun collapsed on her.”








New Details Of Tragedy Emerge In Pistorius Case




” A new report out of South Africa indicates that Oscar Pistorius carried Reeva Steenkamp downstairs from the bathroom where he had allegedly shot her, and attempted to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while attempting to save her life. The report comes via Beeld, an Afrikaaans-language newspaper in South Africa.

The newspaper reported that Steenkamp was still breathing when local security guards and neighbors arrived at Pistorius’ house, but died shortly afterward. She had been shot four times through the bathroom door. While the first reports indicated that Pistorius had believed he was firing at an intruder, more recent police reports have backed off that allegation.”



              This is valuable information:




” Take a moment to watch this one. Now at least I know what’s inside those machines and something about how to use one if necessary.
This only takes a minute to view… I honestly didn’t know what to expect if I had opened the box!
We have all walked by the Red Cross sign in airports indicating where a heart machine is located. Do you know what is in them and how to use it? I did not. Try this video and see what you think.
If you pick the wrong choice—- the man dies—- choose wisely You may save a life. I Just watched this video and was impressed, so I’m sending it to those on my mailing list with the hope that it’ll save lives (maybe mine, yours or someone you love!).”




How an AED works . Everybody should know what to expect if called upon to put one to use and this video will show you .