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Croatia’s Premier Island Takes Tourism Underwater: Hvar Submarine



” As Hvar Town enjoys one of its best Junes ever, a new attraction is launched on its exclusive waterfront – semi-submarine tours.

With the tourist season in full swing, local children were invited to take part in the launch of Hvar’s newest tourist attraction on June 26, 2013 – the first semi-submarine tour, an event witnessed by Digital Journal, and very much enjoyed by Digital Journal offspring.


The semi-submarine has a glass bottom, allowing guests to have a unique view of one of the world’s cleanest seas, and tours will operate from one of the world’s most exclusive waterfronts to the nearby  Pakleni Islands and back. Launching the project, Ivan Gariful Gospodnetic, owner of exclusive fish restaurant Gariful, told Digital Journal:”

Special Operator who Debriefed Benghazi Responders Claims Troops Were Available






” There seems to be an uptick in reports coming out now about Benghazi. This interview is still hidden, but we may not be far away from the first full testimony or interview with either a survivor or someone who was part of the process.

“Special Report” hosts a special operator that says multiple assets could have aided U.S. forces in Benghazi.

The administration has insisted from the beginning that there was no help available for the Americans under assault in Libya. None that could arrive in time to change the outcome in Benghazi.

SPECIAL OPERATOR: “I know for a fact that C 110 CIF was doing a training exercise, not in the region of northern Africa but in Europe. And they had the ability to react and respond.”

The C110 is a Combatant Commanders In-extremis Force, in layman’s terms, a 40 man special operators force capable of rapid response and deployment specifically trained for incidents like the one in Benghazi.”